Bobbito Garcia new movie “Rock Rubber 45s” – Review

Bobbito collage2

The many faces and guises of Bobbito Garcia. He’s a father, a husband, a sneaker fashion connoisseur, an author, a barber, a legendary playground basketball missionary, a film-maker and a radio host. He is equally a DJ, a writer and the individual that every single sneakerhead on the planet has to thank for kickstarting the trend of sneaker boutiques with ‘floodlights and wooden shelves’.


Rock Rubber 45s adds a refreshingly intimate and unlikely emotional angle to his career and personal life. This film pinpoints just how and when sneaker culture really became big business, and how Bobbito Garcia became, as DJ Clark Kent explains, ‘The guy that changed the way you look’.

Full review over at Sneaker Freaker

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Mr Magic & Mister Cee – Classic Showcase HOT97 – Late 1997

This is a Classic Showcase tape with Big Daddy Kanes’ DJ, and Mr Magic. You only need to look at the tracklist to know this is a quality show. It’s loose, it’s tight, there aint too many doubles, Cee is TIGHT on the mix, and with advertising like The Tunnel opener [Free champagne] an’ the Mic Geronimo LP ads voiced by Angie Martinez, as well as some shitty reception, it all adds to the late 90s authenticity LOL !

Seriously, how many Rap radio show DJs rocked Prince & MC Lyte backtoback?

The Tunnel Free Champagne Promo [Funk Flex & Big Kap]
adidas KB8
Mic Break

Special Ed – Taxin
Masta Ace ID
Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
Oran Juice Jones & Stu Large ID
Gwen Guthrie – Close to You
Prince – Sign of the Times
MC Lyte – 10% Dis
King Doe-V – Shamalama
[Shitty reception]
Troop – Spread My Wings [Clark Kent Super Mix with Tito]
Chuckii Booker – Turned Away
Fat Boys – In The House
The D.O.C. – The D.O.C. & The Doctor
[More shitty reception]
I-Level – Give Me
Mic Break

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta [Funk Flex & Angie Martinez]
Long Island University
Emergency Alert System Test
Old School Flava ID

Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Run DMC – Sucker MCs
Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full
Dennis Edwards – Dont Look Any Further
Big Daddy Kane – Mortal Kombat
Anita Ward – Ring my Bell
Slow Jam ID
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
Delfonics – Delfonics Theme
Mic Break with Mister Cee & Mr Magic
Magic is Here ID

David Letterman ID
Funk Flex – Funk Flavor Mix Promo
Old School Flava ID
991 Volts – Champion of Love
Beatnuts ID
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
Steve Arrington – Way Out
Foster & McElroy Feat. MC Lyte – Dr Soul Remix
SuperBlast ID
Big Daddy Kane – Set it Off
Chuck D ID
Kool G Rap – Poison
Cameo – Candy
First Circle – Workin Up A Sweat
The Firm ID
Cool C – Glamorous Life
Doug E Fresh – DEF Remix
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
End of Show

Dr Dre & Ed Lover ID
adidas KB8
Kodak Goldmax
Little Mermaid 6 Second review
Something For The People LP
Puff Daddy World Tour w/ Kid Capri
Street Soldiers Show w Lisa Evers

Westwood feat Nas – Capital Rap Show 6 May 1994

This paused tape is another perfect snapshot of the mid 90s, with an interesting interview and an iconic freestyle from Nas, when he was just about out of his ‘Nasty’ stage. Tim drops plenty of new tracks off the Jeru LP, the upcoming Nice & Smooth LP, gives someone called Banksy a shout-out and even mentions the previous weekend when Shortee Blitz beatboxed on stage at the Snoop & Dre show in Brixton.

Westwood Nas March 1994

Snoop ticket stub

35th Anniversary of the Belfast City Breakers [BCB’s] and Tribute to John Madden – 4 August 2018

For ANYONE involved with, or even for those with a just passing interest in Irish subcultures of graffiti, street-art, dancing and bboy themes, this is the event to be at ! There’s less than a month to go to cop yer tickets for the biggest Irish BBoy event this year, Saturday 4th August is the date, and the Oh Yeah Venue in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast is the setting.

The evenings event is simply an overdue tribute to the Maddens, and just an importantly, to thank, show some respect, and to acknowledge the extended family of individuals who were not only members of the BCB, but were the organisers of all the events, the gigs, the fundraising, dance schools, workshops, music festivals, TV promotions and much much more since those early days. There’s rarely a reference to the pioneers like Aidy McLaughlin, Steve McFall, Boo, Paddy G or Gaffo when we talk about the BCB, but without these heads, we wouldnt be here today !


On the night, we’ll be celebrating 35 years of the Belfast City Breakers; The enthusiastic and energetic crew of dancers, rappers, beatboxers and graffiti writers that bonded over Hip-Hop music in the early 80s in Belfast and just as importantly, we will celebrate and honour the life of inspirational artist and BBoy champion John Madden of local legends the Madden Twins.




I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for their kindness, their cool, their dance moves and their generally positive spirit, I wouldnt have been involved in a culture that pays me to this day. I clearly recall them both being such an inspiration. As with any youth culture, you find like-minds and you follow your heart and the path it leads ya down. If it wasnt for John and William Madden, I have no clue what path I wouldve found growing up in Belfast. All we wanted to do was pop, lock, spin, show off our outlines in our black books, talk about the latest tracks we could Rap along to, graffiti we’d seen and whatever else we were hooked on.

There were numerous names and faces that kicked things off, individuals that inspired a generation and more; My first ever interaction with Hip-Hop was from someone playing a tape of a Mr Magic Rap Attack radio show across the street from where I was mowing my Aunties front lawn, Birdy Willis. Then down at Newsboys on York Street, there were The Maddens, Anto Lynn, Micky Rooney, Tommy Wilson, Kevin McKenna, Stevie Copeland & Matchy. Inspired by the first EVER street-art I ever witnessed in Ireland, DINO NAD X, there was Keith Connolly, Sherry & Savo [and all round good guy Joe Lindsay!] from the Antrim Road, as well as Micky Leith & Dee McIlroy from the Grosvenor.

We just hung out together as if Hip-Hop was our deity. We werent from the same parts of town, but that was neither here nor there. As teenagers that attended Protestant schools, myself and a couple of mates didn’t know any Catholic kids, and didn’t really understand what the religious fuss was about. Remember, it was a very isolated time, we weren’t meant to be hanging out with kids from the other side of the religious divide. But collectively, we all broke the mould. All those faces and names were pivotal in my early awareness of how nonsensical the political situation was in Northern Ireland, even at 14. And they paved the way for many more than just me.

On the night, we’ll be in the company an original member of the BCB, DJ Sconey [the first bboy I ever witnessed using a prop during his dance routines: The prop was a chair and it was used for his trademark windmill move]. Sconey will drop a set of ultra rare breaks, there will be a super-duty dance performance from Manchester BBoy mosse the Bad Taste Cru, as well a DJ Set from Colin Elemental from Dundalks’ the Just Fresh DJs.

And as well as the soundtrack to our youth being blasted by the DJs, we’ll hear a head-meltin old school drum machine session courtesy of Ableton authorities Sleeping Soul [Imagine an Egyptian Lover live set, with more balls than an afternoon at Wimbledon]: Michael Leith & Stevie Overend are two widely recognised and admired local musicians that utilise the old school electro sound we grew up with, and improve on it by updating it with modern tech. Expect a minimum of 2 drum machines, 5 synths and hundreds of electro classics to keep yer ears and feet entertained !! Yer eyes will be suitably entertained by visuals being kindly provided by another old pal, Laverys’ favourite female DJ, Louise Renfrew. DJ Jelly from the Bad Taste Cru will be settin off proceedings behind the decks and Carricks’ own First Class MC will host the night.

Get yourself over to as we cant guarantee entry on the door, on the night.

By Craig Leckie & Aidy McLaughlin

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show Feat Bobbito WKCR 1991 – Easy Mo Bee Interview [REMASTERED] 90 MINUTES

1991 WKCR Cassette1991 StretchArmstrong-Cassette

Here’s some more previously unheard* Stretch & Bobbito Show from 1991. This is a full 90 minute tape, tweaked and remastered to make that compressed FM vibe, sound as bumpin as poss. Filled with treats from the time, all expertly mixed, blended and cut the f**k up by one of the finest DJs on the planet. DJ Stretch Armstrong takes doubles of virtually every tune, perfectly and succinctly tearin em all up, while Kurious and Bobbito go ‘live to five’ with studio guests Percee P and legendary producer Easy Mo Bee [who appears on this recording]. The recording is courtesy of Steve [Weevie] Covello, much more vintage Rap radio action can be found amongst Weevies’ deep archives here.

Trumungous shouts to Weevie for the jones…

Gangstarr – Who’s Gonna Take the Weight
Chubb Rock – Organizer
Double XX Posse – Executive Class
Master Ace – Movin On
Kool G Rap – Bad to the Bone
EPMD – Im Mad
Stetsasonic – Hip Hop Band
Mic Break & Shouts w/ Kurious & Bobbito
Bolaji – Massive Material
991 Volts ‎– Champion Of Love Scratch And Hip-Hop Mix
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M – F.A.L.L.I.N.
Leaders Of The New School – Where Do We Go From Here?
Run DMC – Together Forever [Krush Groove 4]
Lakim Shabazz – Need Some Lovin’

Big Daddy Kane – Mr Pitiful
Lifers Group – Real Deal
Mic Break w/ Bobbito & Easy Moe Bee Interview
Gangstarr – Take a Rest
? – Assalamualaikum
Stepin Strong – Rhymes Different From The Others
Mic Break & Shouts & Bobbito
? – Bust How I Handle It
Public Enemy – Rebel/ LL – Mama Said Blend
LL – Mama Said Knock You Out
Rappin Is Fundamental – Rapping Is Fundamental [Original Version]
Three Times Dope – I Ain’t Try’n 2 Hear It

* Well, as far as we know, it’s been unheard by the masses since broadcast !


Westwood – Capital Rap Show 29 January 1988 [Feat Demon Boyz Session]

Here’s another one of those dusty old Capital Rap Shows with a 3 track session intact. This time from the Demon Boyz. That’s boyz, with a zed. It isnt the best quality but the rest of the content makes up for that.


DL here

If you dont get goosebumps when Tim drops the Heavy D promo before describing Strong Island as ‘the biggest selling record in the street’ you probably shouldnt be here.

It’s a single sided tape from this week 30 years ago, Westwood drops classic tracks, and he’s also keen for listeners to watch his TV show Night Network. He plays the Demon Boyz session, and refers to Chuck New as ‘The unacknowledged genius of Rap’. He’s HEAVY on the patter with classic lines like Full effectiveness/ Dancefloor Justice/ No left turn, no right turn, straight ahead to the t.o.p.’ CLASSIC Westwood ! He also describes tunes as ‘King Size Acetates’ and describes himself as ‘Safer than a suicide’ !?!

He plays the wrong tune at the very start of the show, then he says that he will be hosting his last segment with Chris Forbes on All Right All Night the following week. The funny thing about this is that he mentions performing at Live to London from Cinderella Rockerfellas, which was a Peter Stringfellow club in Central London. And he says that he wont be doing any more All Right All Night because he wants to ‘concentrate on the Friday night Capital Rap Show’. Thank christ he did ! He offers shouts to London Posse members MC Rodie Rok [Rodney P] & DJ Biznizz at the end too.

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – New Kids on the Block [Accidental spin]
Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
Mic Break
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – New Kids on the Block
Mic Break [First mention of the Cold Chillin Tour]
Mantronix – Join Me Please [Home Boys – Make Some Noise]
Mic Break [Night Network]
Demon Boyz Session [Untitled/ Lyrical Culture/ Untitled]
Biz Markie – Vapors
Biz is Goin Off
Professor Griff ID
Heavy D & The Boys ID
JVC Force – Strong Island
Mic Break
Version Excursion Competition
Lyn Collins – Think
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
Rob Base – It Takes Two
MC Rodie Rok/ DJ Biznizz shout


Funkmaster Flex 90’s SPECIAL MIX – HOT97 4 July 2007

‘We are not 90’s snobs. We wanna enlighten and let you live’…

During the 2017 Christmas period, on his annual venture into the old school, DJ Funkmaster Flex was grindin heavy, droppin vintage classics alongside Propmaster Kool DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chillout and others. But on 4th July 2007, the legendary DJ [PKA DJ Underground Bandit], leaned into the HOT97 all-mix weekend, in his inimatable and unequalled style, with a 90’s set to end all 90’s sets. Here is an edited version of the full 5 hours, featuring the finest moments. This one is more entertaining than ALL the others put togtether in our opinion…

He unapologetically opens the set, claiming ‘Alotta vinyl up here, the CD and Serato’s on vacation tonight‘. And for tight on-air sets with shedloads of batshit crazy charisma [and endless jokes], this is possibly Flex at his livest…

‘I did not come up here to play Hammer and Young MC’…

With Mister Cee, Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg on the assist, Flex talks constant funny styles, recalling the restaurant spots, the car kits, the MCs, producers and DJs [Shouts to Wildman Steve, Stretch & Bobbito, Eclipse, Riz, Martin Moore, Mayhem]. He also talks about the tales of the decade [‘Shout out to the dude that Gangstarr beat up at Chrysalis’]. Flex flashbacks to the language of the time too, as well as the fashions, the 24 hour bodegas, buyin up boxes of records, the hood spots, the promo stickers and all manner of 90’s nostalgia. ‘Sneakers wasn’t in style back then!’…

The full 5 hours can heard via

Rest in Peace to Dave ‘Doctor Funkenklein’, as ever, humunganicious propers to Mr & Mrs Shrapnel and anyone that had the ‘Alfa Romeo with the funny back’ !

Rakim – In The Ghetto
Brand Nubian – Step To The Rear
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca and the Soul Brother
Tim Dog – Fuck Compton
Diamond D – Freestyle [Yo That’s that shit]
Chubb Rock – Treat Em Rigt
Kings of Swing – Nod Your Head To This
EPMD – Give The People
EPMD – Headbanger [Ft Redman & K-Solo]
LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl
Main Source – Large Professor
Gang Starr – Words I Manifest
LL Cool J – Eat Em Up L [Chill]
Black Sheep – Flavor of the Month
Brand Nubian – All For One
Main Source – Live at the BBQ [Ft Nas, Joe Fatal & Akinyele]
Scarface – Mr. Scarface
The UMC’s – Blue Cheese
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Poppa Large
Double X Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It
Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y
Queen Latifah – Just Another Day
Diamond D – Sally Got a One Track Mind
Gang Starr – Check The Technique
Gang Starr – Step In The Arena
A Tribe Called Quest – Footprints
KRS-One – Outta Here
D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? [Remix]
Brand Nubian – To The Right
Brand Nubian – Slow Down
Boogie Down Productions – Love’s Gonna Get’Cha
Public Enemy – Anti Nigger Machine
Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work it Out
Organized Konfusion – Walk Into The Sun [Remix]
Fat Joe – Flow Joe
Gangstarr – Now Youre Mine
Das EFX – Kaught In Da Ak (Remix)
Apache – Gangsta Bitch
The UMC’s – One To Grow On
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain

Zhigge – Toss It Up
Tha Alkaholiks – Make Room
Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh (Wack ass Remix]
Gang Starr – Take it Personal
Common – Resurrection 95
Doo Wop – Bounce
Main Source – Looking At My Front Door
Main Source – Fakin The Funk
Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted
Special Ed – Let’s Move It
Jeru The Damaja – D Original
Nas – Halftime
Nas – The World Is Yours
Nas – One Love
Nas – Represent
Jeru The Damaja – One Day
Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
Black Moon – Who Got Da Props?
Smif-N-Wessun – Bucktown
Black Moon – Ack Like U Want It
Black Moon – How Many Mc’s
Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin
Boot Camp Clik – Headz Ain’t Ready
Smif-N-Wessun – Sound Bwoy Bureill
Redman – It’s like That
Wu Tang Clan – After The Laughter Comes Tears [Instrumental]
Wu Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M
Wu Tang Clan – Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Fuck Wit
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt 2
Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
GZA – Liquid Swords
Smoothe Da Hustler – Broken Language
M.O.P – How About Some Hardcore?
Common – Resurrection 95 [beat playing in the background]

UK FRESH 19 JULY 1986 – Live from Wembley Arena Featuring Dr Dre & World Class Wreckin’ Cru/ Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese/Steady B/Captain Rock/Sir Mix-A-Lot/Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde/ Lovebug Starski with Brucie B/ Grandmaster Flash/Just-Ice/ Real Roxanne/Mantronik & Afrika Bambaataa.

As far as we are aware, these old broadcasts have never been shared in their entirety on the web in the past. These are ALL OF THE ‘UK FRESH 86’ PERFORMANCES that were broadcast by Mike Allen on Capital Radio over the course of the 1986 August Bank Holiday weekend.

And tell ya kids, this was Dr Dre, 3 decades ago !!!
For DL’s please go to

Tapes of Dre & World Class Wreckin Crew UK Fresh 1986

If you are from outside of the UK, this may be the first time youve heard of the UK Fresh 86 shows. These were at Wembley Arena [NB: ARENA Rap in the UK in 1986] and were billed as ‘The event of the decade’. Following the Fresh Fest template on offer in the US from the previous year, and with only 16000 people witnessing what became a pivotal performance of iconic 80s artists, this has arguably become the largest and most important LIVE event in old school UK Hip Hop history. These recordings are all that seem to be available, at least, they are all that Mike Allen broadcast as far as we know….

Household name Dr Dre, performed alongside [fellow NWA member DJ] Yella and the rest of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, as did park jam pioneers Grandmaster Flash, Lovebug Starski & Brucie B. Bambaataa and the Family also played as did the legendary Mantronix with MC Tee! One of the most incredible DJs to walk the planet, the ‘master of the crossfader’ Cutmaster DJ Cheese, scratched his way through his set along with KMC and MC Original G, the unsung heroes from the Word of Mouth crew as did pioneering space age sounds of Captain Rock. Tickets were available for both an afternoon and an evening show, but so many kids in the UK were affected by it as the festival energised future generations with its impact. It also made British fans aware that Rap and Hip-Hop wasnt just blastin outta boxes in New York, with Sir Mix-A-Lot from Seattle and World Class representing LA.

The World Class performance is polished and Dre is tight on the cut. Sir Mix-A-Lot drops his novelty track and retains credibility with b-side bangers. Mantronik gets busy on the version excursion, triggering drum machine pads in addition to whats on the decks. Steady B is outta breath at times and Roxanne is impatient while Howie Tee enjoys his time behind the wheels. But all of the performances are to old school Hip Hop entertainment. And of course, the whistle posse was in full effect at this party.

programme uk fresh

The Bambaataa performance is reminiscent of a school disco, it’s a classic show, it’s an alluring and appealing snapshot of the period, but be warned, it was 86, and it sounds insanely amateur at times. Especially when Bam and the Soulsonic Force take the stage. Maybe Bam was busy during rehearsals…it’s clunky in its arrangement, the sound is all over the place, the levels are waaay off and if you have a keen ear, or affection for these classics, you’ll barely recognise some of the keyboard riffs and synth licks.

HUMUNGANOID propers to Mark Devlin for truly helping out with this incredible collection of recordings. They are a composite of various pause tape recordings from my own and others archives, but the majority of the segues are intact. As ever, massive respect to Simmo for keeping the spirit of Allen’s Army preserved. You can find loads of info and images from the event, and alot more about a British broadcasting hero; Mike Allen, over at

1 –

Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese
King Kut [Version]
Trouble Funk – Pump Me Up Scratch Session
Run DMC – Peter Piper Scratch Session
Chic – Good Times Scratch Session
Doug E Fresh – The Show Scratch Session

MC Boob [Steady B] & DJ Grand Dragon
Do The Fila And The Peewee Dance

Captain Rock
Cosmic Blast
Mic Break

Sir Mix-A-Lot
Square Dance Rap
Fast Rap Session

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Genius Rap
A.M. / P.M.
Butt Naked

2 –

Lovebug Starski & Brucie B
Eighth Wonder Intro
Saturday Night
Say What You Wanna Say
House Rocker
Amityville [The House On The Hill]

Captain Rock
Capt. Rock To The Future Shock
The Return Of Capt. Rock
Mic Break

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five
U Know What Time It Is
The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel [Version]
MS. Thang

Just-Ice DMX & Mantronik
Put That Record Back On [Version]

3 –

World Class Wreckin’ Cru
Mission Possible

The Real Roxanne & The Hitman Howie Tee
Bang Zoom!

Mantronik & MC Tee [Not Tricky Tee as Mike mentions LOL]
Fresh is the Word
Needle to the Groove
Hardcore Hip Hop

Sir Mix-A-Lot
My Studio

4 –

Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese
Untitled [Live drum machine]
Coast to Coast

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five
Fastest Man Alive
The Message
Zodiac sign routine

World Class Wreckin’ Cru
World Class [Version]

5 –

The Real Roxanne
Bang Zoom Let’s Go
Mic Break

Sir Mix-A-Lot
My Studio
Square Dance Rap [Version]

Afrika Bambaataa & Family [Prince Ikey Cee/ Mr Biggs/ GLOBE/ Shango]…
Intro & Scratch Session
Bambaataa’s Theme / Assault On Precinct 13 [Version]
Planet Rock [Version]
Looking for the Perfect Beat

World’s Famous Supreme Team – W-H-B-I 105-POINT-9 F-M


35 YEARS AGO, this month, the World’s Famous Supreme Team were an entry point for shedloads of us British and Irish kids, birthing a culture and a lifetime of interest, let’s face it, WFST [and my favourite electronic pioneers, Trevor Horn and The Art Of Noise] were the sound of Buffalo Gals !

Duck Rock was released in Jan 1983, alongside the Special Party Mix with Malcolm McLaren! and the World Famous Supreme Team radio show. On the promotional video for Duck Rock, Malcolm McLaren facetiously referred to Trevor Horn as ‘A modern producer who’s been producing alot of catastrophies/ a beady little fella’, but the whole concept wouldnt have gone anywhere without Trevors’ vision. And the WORLD FAMOUS werent just about See Divine, Just Allah with their conscious on-air personas and their catchy tunes. Watch this vid for the Duck Rock Mini-LP track D’ya like Scratchin’ / Buffalo Gals very closely and remember that the box, the sleeve and the backdrops for the vid of Duck Rock were designed and created by graffiti legends Keith Haring and Dondi White, the station they were on, WHBI 105.9, and their call signs are right there, on the box. Crazy Legs from Rock Steady even makes an appearance on the back of the sleeve FFS !

These gems are why RRR does what it does. We celebrate the influence of Rap and Hip-Hop on the airwaves.


These are nuggets of info that influenced a generation. RRR dont wanna forget that, or the music, no matter how long ago it was. Yeh of course Malcolm was a conduit, as he tapped into somethin he wanted to profit of, but he unquestionably had a vision of bringing these incredible talents to a world subjected to the ‘bland, boring, redundant sounds of the modern world’. Malcolm McLaren changed the lifes of so many of us here in the UK and Ireland.

Frankie Crocker Sept 1983 WBLS

RRR are ‘back like chiroprac-tics’, and we’ve decided to kick off with our first post-Summer share, with a recording of the late great Frankie Crocker. A 34 year old recording of the Frankie Crocker breakfast show on WBLS!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 TDK D90 wmark

As we join forces with the good people at the Hip Hop Radio Archive we are adding a new listening platform in an attempt to ‘Build up historical NYC recordings’ that we hope will remain on the web for alot longer than cowboy companies like Soundcloud etc promise [Were semi-shook that Mixcloud will go the same way, removing years of content sans explanation, in one fell swoosh]. We’ve always wanted our listeners to be able to DL our remastered shows and scans onto their own devices too, and via the Internet Archive, you can.

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 RRR BANNER WIDE

Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lovebug Starski – You Gotta Believe
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
Fever  – Beat Of The Night
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
La Yoghurt
Ask your Pharmacist
Eastside gynaecology
Crazy Eddies [Atari/ Texas Instruments]
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Jamaica Dance Theatre/ Studio 54 Competition Madonna West St Mob Kurtis Blow & the ‘Breakers”
Lustrasilk Right On Curl Activator
Ask your Pharmacist
Mighty Diamonds & Monyaka Show
Ron Carlow Cosmetics
WBLS Walk a Mile Fundraiser
Frankie ‘My Idol’ ID
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lionel Richie – All Night Long
Mic Break w/ Frankie [‘Lionel, havin a good time’]
Stephanie Mills – Pilot Error
WBLS – The Godfather Part 3 Prank bit
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Latoya Jackson – Bet ya Gonna Need my Lovin
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Budweiser Super-Fest
Ads & News:
Archers skin-tone cream
Lighten Up
Budweiser Super-Fest @ MSG [Rick James/ Mary Jane Girls/ Mtume/ O-Jays]
Kentucky Fried Children
News Update
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lew Kirton – Talk To Me
Anita Baker – Squeeze Me

Mic Break w/ Frankie [Coming up, live mixing from Sergio Munzabai & Timmy Regisford]
Starpoint – It’s So Delicious
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
I Listen to WBLS Promo
Madonna – Holiday
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Miss Cool Hair Products
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Western Airlines
Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Pan American Airlines
Approved by the NY State Education Dept
Mic Break w/ Frankie – [Mets vs Cardinals result]
One Way – Shine On Me

Just like Grace Jones’ The Apple Stretching, this is a beautiful snapshot of early morning early 80s New York, this time, from 1983. This may be randomrapradio and there may only be one Rap tune on this tape, but the recording is about much more than just one track, it’s an illustration to younger generations, of how things used to be, a lesson in radio history, as well as bein’ a throwback to simpler times for the older listeners. In 2017, so many people are all about retro this and vintage that, so, as well as the fashions, why not enjoy the sounds from those good old days too ?

Frankie is an icon of New York music industry, and this is him at his charismatic best, on the station known as the ‘World’s Best Looking Sound’, WBLS [or WBL Kickin S, if you go back that far]. The tape opens with an ad for a Tower Records album signing; the LP, Speaking In Tongues, the band; Talking Heads [We dig these sentimental shards of sound just as much as the music here at RRR]. RECORDING MEMO RRR BANNER WIDE

As well as classic music from Rufus n Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Madonna and the Mary Jane Girls, Frankie announces a ‘new artist’, Anita Baker. There are ads for the Budweiser Super-Fest @ Madison Square Garden, with Rick James & the Mary Jane Girls. Frankie announces a competition for the ‘Studio 54 Dance the Last Day of Summer Party’ featuring Madonna, the West St Mob, Kurtis Blow and intriguingly, ‘the breakers’. Frankie plays All Night Long and does a bit about Lionel Richie getting stoned. He talks about Lionels’ ‘Bob Marley bag’ and the fact that there is ‘alotta smoke in the room’. Again, a bizarro but beautiful document of the time.

Some of the most enjoyable elements of this tape are the mic-breaks; containing the ‘cosmic forecast’ [star-signs] and random bits like the flowers and colors for the day [rose and mahogany]. All very odd, but strangely and retrospectively beautiful in a quirky vintage broadcasting sense. Channeling the Chief Rockers’ community spirit, Frankie explains that it’s a ‘good day to show the more humanitarian side to your nature’. In a motivational moment, he advises the listeners to start their day with a ‘helpful attitude’. ‘Dont be afraid to walk up to someone and say, can I help? I’ll help you carry those packages. You might get smacked in the mouth but ya gotta try’ !!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 J-Card

This tape was, as you can see from the recording memorandum [who knew they would be so handy 30 years later ?!!!] was recorded and generously donated by an ex-colleague [the coolest IT support specialist on the planet and all round good soul, Keren A]. As she holidayed with her family in Cambria Heights in Queens NY, she pressed record on 2 nights, this is a composite of both shows. HUGE propers to Keren, much love as always !


‘If you use Serato, good for you, do your thing, waaaaaaaaaaaaay over there. Were doin our thing right here, in our lane’. Arguably, after ‘Red, WHERE’s the BEAT?!!’, this is the most almighty intro to a Hip-Hop radio show ! Unmerciful, unapologetic, and pure Hip-Hop.

GREAT to see Jorun Bombay back with another Funkbox party ! The Funkbox Reload Shows are so so good. They’re neat and perfectly presented. The music is spot on [Jorun always brings back those tunes you might not’ve had on heavy rotation over the past 20 years], droppin doubles of absolute bangers that’ll have ya reachin for your own copies [or frantically doin some digital-diggin on Discogs] every time.  The edits are my highlight, Jorun droppin special versions of truckloads of tunes every show. The cutting is done to perfection AND the guys are bloody enjoyin themselves, obvs [Co-Presenter Flexxman is described as ‘Flysaac Hayes, the mood enhancer with all the answers’! LMAO]. As well as the older tracks, there’s new as well. RRR might be stuck in 89, but we know what passes the quality control test in 2017. If you havent caught any of the other Funkbox Reload shows, get yer act together !

Tunes on this one incl All the Way to Heaven/ Bass Machine/ Triple m Bass and stacks more…

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK ?

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK ? Probably because early adopters and standard bearers of cool like the Chrome Angelz were co-signing them, and us kiddies jumped on that brandwagon!
Mike TDK Pride
Pride and TCA are some of my favourite graff writers, and unquestionably the finest artists from the UK. Prides’ work for TDK way back in 87 for this TDK calendar from 1988 remains an incredible piece of work.
MIKE ALLEN TDK CALENDAR 1988 TCA Close-Up Pride wmark
It’s the piece that has been widely used for anything to do with Mike Allen when he was doing promotion for his Capital Radio Rap/ Hip-Hop Show AKA Allen’s Army on Manoeuvres. Just thought some of ya might enjoy seein it again in its original form…
MIKE ALLEN TDK CALENDAR 1988 of the Chrome Angels wmark

The All City Show Freestyles #1 – Def Jux Mystro Braintax Rhymefest Black Thought Milk D

From the ample archives of the seminal All City Show in the UK, this bumper session is the first in a series of recordings that have been generously supplied by the one of the most down-to-earth cats in the industry; Fat Lace Magazine co-founder, Unthugged Crew DJ, Journalist, Sneaker Collector, Label Owner and artist manager Dan Greenpeace FKA Dan Large.


It’s an exemplary selection of the iconic freestyles and performances that took place on the show, as they broadcast on XFM in London for 7 years during the noughties. All City was presented by Dan, alongside DJ & Producer Theo Keating [Fake Blood, Touché] and Zane Lowe.

On this clip, you have everyone from local icons to the top tens of this world: One half of the Run the Jewels mosse El-P, spitting some serious gems alongside his fellow Def Jux crew members Murs, C-Rayz Walz with DJ Seb One on the decks. Mr Tonight Show, Black Thought drops his own jewels and First Priority Records icon Milk D makes a brief appearance. Grammy & Oscar award winner Rhymefest blesses the mic [with Super-Producer Mark Ronson also in the studio] and the UK’s very own local hero, the one and only ‘MuthaLuva’ Mystro makes some thoroughly entertaining ‘off the heady’ appearances alongside another Leeds alumni, Braintax.

When he isn’t booking and hangin’ out with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Dan hosts an Instagram account sure to leave any avid Hip-Hop fan in a jaw-dropping stupor. His Fat Lace cohort Drew Large also has new book out, cop it here !

What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito on NPR – Review


DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia, two legends from the Rap radio game have returned to splash the airwaves, this time, on NPR with a brand new show by the name of What’s Good. This first episode is an interesting, imaginative and unsurprisingly amusing conversation with Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings, two incredibly funny comedians.

Listening to the opening few minutes of the show is alarming, but simply due to structure. Hearing them behaving seriously, even as they preface the show with station acknowledgements is jarring, simply cos they don’t burst into laughter. It sets the tone for a great opening episode. These new epiosdes are not live, they’re pre-recorded, yet they are still the same goofball pals when the shows broadcast. It’s a show where listeners will hear discussions, exchanges and cultured conversations with stimulating people, ‘about art, music, politics, sports and a whole lot more’.

The Samsung shows they did last year were evidently extemporaneous, they featured the same organic ad-hoc flex that was so popular during the WKCR days. But that was two decades and change ago. On What’s Good, don’t expect freestyles from some bummy MC you heard a demo from in 95 !!


In the trailer for the show, they make note that they will be parlaying with ‘cultural influencers, movers and shakers’, yet that’s exactly what they are themselves. This alone has RRR ‘bugging lovely’, considering the kinda guests that might feature in the future. Cross ya fingers they sit down with some of those Samsung guests again ! Forthcoming NPR guests already include the legendary musician Stevie Wonder, Chance the Rapper, Eddie Huang, RTJ and Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. These two are movie-makers, these two are authors and music consultants, DJs and parents, and partly because of their knowledge and history, this show a truly enjoyable listen. For those that only remember the pair from their bugged out days on WKCR, some buggin is evident, and as you may have predicted, the show is on NPR, therefore it’s grown, cultured, and dare we call em this without expecting to receive hella snaps, but it’s sophisticated. The warmth of their individual characters is evident throughout the convos with Donnell and Dave, and their passion for all things positive follows the same trend.

Real talk, a fair percentage of older WKCR listeners must admit that some of the most entertaining sections of the 4 hour shows that aired between 1990 – 1998 were aired between 4-5am, commonly known as crunchtime [kiddies]. This was the part of the night were no music was played, just studio guests and callers gettin castigated, joked and snapped on, sometimes with enough comedic posture that they had the people at home cryin with laughter. So it’s beautiful to hear them again, and it’s a great format for the pair, just breakin bread with good folk. Thankfully, they break bread in the most astute, down-to-earth and refreshing way, as you should expect. It’s grown folk talk from an intelligent Hip-Hop viewpoint. And cmon, how many Rap radio legends use the word extemporaneously ? Harrrdy harr !!!

This first episode is hopefully the first of many, halalulu !

If you haven’t watched the movie mapping their time on the award winning show on WKCR, sort your life out. It can be watched on Netflix in 190 countries, and you can also get involved here.



Ice T King T & Rhyme Syndicate Freestyle Session – Feb 1989 [REMASTERED]

Rhyme Syndicate session on Capital Radio - February 1989

During 1988, Ice-T played the rear [ayoo] on his self-produced compilation ‘Rhyme Syndicate Comin’ Through’. The album was a platform to promo new artists on his roster. He wasnt a legendary movie or TV star at this juncture. On the album, he played the wall and allowed old school B-Boy Donald D, and a host of sick new Rappers to shine; Bango, Domination [Kid Jazz/ Kid Scratch], TDF and more. Aside from Low Profile, Everlast and Ice himself, only a few of the names went on to do big things within the industry, sadly not enough for our liking.

In a similar fashion, on this Capital Rap Show session plucked from a ferric tape from 28 years ago, Ice drops a so-called ‘freestyle’ which later became the Iceberg track from the same LP. He then gives top-billing to the MC’s he was on tour with. Syndicate members Bango, Hen-Gee alongside his Brother [and Ice’s DJ] Evil-E, as well the ‘impressario, majestic’ King T.


The verses on this are great, it’s that simple, Evil E cuts up a few beats live in the studio, alongside host Tim Westwood and one of the coolest white boys in history, Dave Funkenklein. Some rhymes you’ll recognise, and some RRR have never heard before or since owning this tape. Bango, is gnarly, describing himself as the ‘life taker and trouble maker’ but it’s legendary Compton rapper King T that takes the crown on this short clip, in our opinion. Bub.

Ice T Darlene Watermark

The original tape sounded like it was recorded in the back of an Uber, but RRR have attempted to chunk it up a touch. It was paused a number of times, and again, we’ve done our best to keep it fluid [A crispy copy of this has been on the wants list for a long stroke] !

As ever, huge propers to all involved. Arguably, we wouldnt be here today, if people like Ice T and Tim Westwood hadnt paved the way.


Ice T remains to be a perfect example of how to stay true to your roots. He’s a family man and a TV star in 2017, but hopefully [in terms of the birth and growth of Hip-Hop and growin up in the hood], his Final Level podcast is one of the finest and most comprehensive on the web.

Boogie Down Productions & KRS1 – Nah Go Commercial [Unreleased 1989 track]

This one is for the KRS completists…

As well the live set, Tim used to play rough versions of forthcoming albums off tape, and this is one of those tracks that never made it to the finished Ghetto Music LP. An unreleased track from, as Tim describes them, the ‘ALMIGHTY Boogie Down Productions crew’ with a cut called ‘Nah Go Commercial’….This just makes reminds me that the majority of the 2017 generation of MCs and Rappers chump themselves.

‘I’ll never crossover with the lyrics I write, or the realistic music I make.

Cos the crossover crowd wanna dream all day, while the ghetto crowd must stay awake.

But it always happens, someone starts Rappin and they wrap up they minds with glamour.

But KRS stays real, instead of eatin caviar, me eat red snapper’



Boogie Down Productions – Live from London 13 July 1989 [Capital Radio]

Boogie Down Productions, one of the few Rap outfits since the Cold Crush to have such a polished live show, that they could release a live album. This performance is evidence of that. RRR are all about bringin these gems back to life. For the old school crew and the new jacks. Weve left a shard of Pete Tong from the same tape at the beginning [for gigglesnshits], and before the audio of the show, there’s the original ad for the show, from the week before.

At one point, KRS says ‘Were doin this for Capital Radio, they have this on cassette, so you may hear this style one day’. That was 28 years ago today, you are welcome. And of course, HUMUNGANOID propers to Tim Westwood for havin the passion and belief to put these jams on in the first instance.


This is post-Scott La Rock BDP; the KRS & D-Nice BDP, Ms. Melodie/ Harmony and Rebekah BDP. Live in London, performing a grip of their hits, as well as a bunch of songs from their ‘forthcoming’ LP Ghetto Music. This was broadcast on 21 July 1989 on Tim Westwoods’ Capital Rap Show as part of the Capital Radio Continental Airlines music festival. For Hip-Hop [and Go-Go] outfits wanting to cater to a more substantial crowd than the usual sweat-soaked hotboxes, the Town and Country Club was THE venue of choice during the late Eighties. The show was the LIVEST Rap set that RRR have ever attended, and weve seen a few, trust. It’s never been shared in the past, anywhere, aside from the 3 tracks which were available on the 1991 release Live Hardcore Worldwide; Up To Date, Why Is That & Stop The Violence. So, sit back and jam the box to this old school classic set !

img531 - Copy

BDP ticket 13 July 1989

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show feat Bobbito [1990 & 1991] Feat Percee P & DMX Freestyle [REMASTERED]


As the pair are returning to the airwaves on July 19th 2017 with a podcast on NPR, we thought we’d raid the RRR stash and share some of ‘the shit you just cant f**k wit’. This short testimonial collage is a ‘quick little excerpt’ featuring 30 minutes of segments from the embryonic elements of the award winning DJ Stretch Armstong Show Feat Bobbito. EVERY part used was broadcast in either 1990 or 1991. The focus is on the classic freestyles, from Percee P &, as he known at the time, DMX The Great.

After their 8 year run, The Source Magazine presented the DJ Stretch Armstrong Show Feat Bobbito with ‘The Best Hip Hop Radio Show Of All-Time’ award. The show was enjoyed by 1000s of people, whether they were tuning in live, or fortunate enough to be checkin out a dub of the show on a tape. But it wasnt just the music that won over their audiences. The show was presented with a warmth, a spirit of community and true friendship, and the unapologetic humour of NYC stoops.


The show ran from 1990 – 1998, and just as the documentary movie ‘Stretch and Bobbito:Radio That Changed Lives’ documented the history, the middle-aged man-fans that grew up with the show, are still fiending for that goodness [FYI. If you consider yourself a fan of Hip-Hop or Rap, you are cheatin yourself if you havent seen this doc]. With language like ‘Good lookin Moneydooks’ and ‘You know we Buggin you lovely’, these shows are what RRR is all about, the language of Hip-Hop. As well as recounting the mic breaks, and the understandably unsophisticated approach, there’s a bit of music in here too, some Bolaji on Zakia Records, 45 King productions from Lord Alibaski and Chill Rob G, and a slice of BDP, live from Japan. They also mention ‘gettin good listener response’, which is adorable in the scheme of things. Chino BYI gets a shout as does someone called E-Bro #hardyharr

For RRR, hearin Kurious mistakenly refer to Stretch as Skinny Bones, highlights just how early some of this footage actually is. And with language like ‘Good lookin Moneydooks’ and ‘You know we Buggin you lovely’, these shows are about Hip-Hop, by Hip-Hop heads, and for Hip-Hop heads. As well as recounting the mic breaks, and the understandably unsophisticated approach, there’s a bit of music in here too, some Bolaji on Zakia Records, 45 King productions from Lord Alibaski and Chill Rob G, and a slice of BDP, live from Japan [Stretch would often tease listeners by playing cassettes of performances like this]. They also mention ‘gettin good listener response’, which is adorable in the scheme of things. Chino BYI gets a shout as does someone called E-Bro, and the whispers in the studio make mention of UltraMagnetic showin up as guests.

Big shouts to Billy Jam, D-HAM [‘Disco’ Dave the Culture Man], Nes @ Dirty Waters, DJ Step One, Michael Buchanan, Stretch & Bobbito & Ambassador Bonz Malone from Navarone !

Percee P & DMX Freestyles
Mic Break & Shouts w/ Kurious & Bobbito
Bolaji – Massive Material
WKCR Skinny Bones Show IDs
Chill Rob G – Motivation
The Source Magazine Mind Squad w/ Daddy Reef/ Disco Dave
Beasley B-79 Freestyle
Mic Break w/ Bobbito
UltraMagnetic MCs – Feelin It
BDP – Live in Japan
Mic Break w/ Stretch, Daddy Reef & Kurious
Lord Alibaski ?– Lyrics In Motion
Mic Break & Shouts w/ Stretch & Bobbito

DJ Scratch [James Brown Tribute] / Kurtis Mantronik – Live in Brooklyn [30 May 2015]

It’s incredible to think how far weve come as far as scratchin goes, Flash being ‘Lucky enough to be here with you’ was a long ass time ago. But to think that DJ’s like Scratch are still tearing up clubs and parties, AND on air in 2017 is the key. DJ Scratch can be heard on WBLS every Saturday night, still ! As we are on that grown-man isht, we wanna send a direct thank you to Scratch for keepin fresh alive, and for representing the true innovative vibe of what Hip-Hop has always been about.

Distinguished and innovative DJs’ Scratch, Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Funk Flex, Stretch Armstrong, Shadow and a handful of others, are almost considered Hip-Hop deities because their live skills behind 2 turntables are so good*. PREACH ! Whether on air or behind a club booth, whether it’s a 7″ only night, or a Serato only session that sounds like a surrealistic loop-based version of a Latin Rascals broadcast. In 2015, the good good people at the RMBA [Red Bull Music Academy] ‘explored and celebrated’ a number of highly acclaimed Hip-Hop DJs that continue to be dominant within the game. They asked ‘Pioneering Hip-Hop Producer Kurtis Mantronik, EPMD’s DJ Scratch, Rap radio royalty The Awesome 2, disco missionary Nicky Siano, and Egotrip’s Chairman Mao to look back at influential label [Sleeping Bag] over the course of one night’.

As not all the performances are available on RMBA any longer, so we thought we’d honour the men and share both the DJ Scratch & the Mantronik set. Mantronik’s set is a lesson in mixing and music [with a few cheeky exclusive edits and version excursions thrown in for good measure]. It’s simply the King of the Beats, behind 2 turntables, something you don’t hear every day.

But DJ Scratch represents a purity in playing party sets and club DJing. He does refer to himself as the ‘Turntable Whisperer’. This display is an embodiment of a perfect set, arguably, exemplifying Scratch as the king of Serato Loops. He is a DJ’s DJ, we know that much. Who else utilises the loops on Serato sets like this one ? Remember, this is live set from 2 years ago FFS. He’s probably a monster in 2017 !!

In this mix, he effortlessly flits through classic James Brown breaks, as he did in the short clip below [from James Browns birthday set on WBLS from 2013]. He plays a few associated JB bits, he then destroys Funky Drummer [UNBELIEVABLY tight on the breakdowns & doubles]. Be prepared to nod ya head for about 25 mins of James jammies before he drops more breaks and good music by other iconic artists, starting off with doubles of Try a Little Tenderness !

FAO RBMA legal peoples, we are sharing these sets as a mark of respect, honouring the talent of these gentlemen while we can. To recall the pure enjoyment of the music for the ones that’ve heard the tunes before, and to educate the younger generation in exactly the same way that you folks have. We have a shared appreciation, so don’t go running and complaining to Mixcloud like someone just took your lunch money. Please.

*Over here, I’d vote for Mr Thing, MK, Deejay Mek & Aidan Leacy, but’s another story for another day…

Mobb Deep Live in London – 29 July 2004

img164RRR celebrate the talents of people while they are still with us, but regrettably on this occasion, our hearts are still heavy after learning about the recent passing of Albert Johnson, BKA Prodigy from Mobb Deep, FKA Poetical Prophets. Today, we want to celebrate both Prodigy and Havoc, by sharing a live set from July 2004 that as far as we can tell hasn’t been shared before. This recording of the London performance is as rare as hens in Huaraches.

Mobb Deep - Live in London - 29 July 2004 Review

In 1991, in an issue of The Source magazine, I read the Unsigned Hype blurb about the two young MCs from Queens, and I’ve followed their movements ever since. I wasnt a huge fan of the first LP but their vivid trife life expressions were often the soundtrack to a late night creep during the 90s, and beyond. I usually listened on cassette, and in 2017, I still feel a sense of satisfaction and pride, walking tall when sportin my Murder Muzik promo t-shirt.


Many have talked about the talents of Prodigy and Havoc, but not many can say theyve witnessed the energy of a live Mobb Deep set. Myself ? I cant either, I wasnt at this show, but I distinctly remember my old mate Miles [MURDER DOG] Dunbar talking about this 2004 set from The Forum [The old Town & Country Club in Kentish Town, North London]. He described it as if he had witnessed Jesus pulling turnaround jump-shots on stage in a Celtics jersey. As I was a regular contributor for Hip-Hop Connection at the time, I urged and pleaded him to write a review of the show. As you’ll hear on the tape, it was gnarly show, full of true fans, and of course, filled to the rafters with the North London equivilant of ‘killers and the 100$ billers’.

I have included his review of the show which [anyone worth their weight in anecdotal Rap allegories will recall] was the one when the stage got rushed by huge swathes of the audience, arguably several times over. On the tape, you’ll hear Alan the Chemist and Big Noyd on stage, and the photos in the review are courtesy of the long-established and all round nice guy Mr Paul Hampartsoumian. Paul was the in-house photographer for HHC, capturing the majority of live Rap sets the city had on offer throughout the 90s and onwards. As you can see, Paul had the vision to catch a perfectly composed pic of the stage, full rush. Big respect is automatic.


‘For real niggas who ain’t got no feelings’, this one is for you. Thug-hugs from RRR.

Max LX & Dave VJ – KISS FM 4 August 1993


UK Rap & Hip-Hop radio was presented by a myriad of DJs that blessed the airwaves over the years; Mike Allen, Tim Westwood, Big Ted, Richie Rich, Dave Pearce, Dan Greenpeace & Kish, Stu Allen, Leaky Fresh, 279 & Shortee Blitz, and more.

This tape comes from ex-Hardrock Soul Movement members Max LX & Dave VJ from Summer 1993. They presented a show on KISS FM in London during the 90s, it was broadcast mid-week and plugged a gap for the fiends that tuned into random Rap radio shows each week to get their fix.

This show doesnt feature any guests and has no exclusives, but that’s how it was back then, you tuned in, soaked up the vibes and you heard what you heard. Sometimes, like this tape, it was just good music. Sometimes I listen back to these shows and hear outfits I’d forgotten about, like UK artists like Unanimous Decision and Krispy 3, and it’s a guarantee that listening back, you’ll be noddin ya head to jams you’d forgotten about too, I know I did. This show is mostly made us of US acts and is a snapshot of the time. Keep an ear out for the weekly Rap report with Billboard writer Havelock Nelson, as well as a nutty sounding Hijack ID at the very end, as well as silly ads with VO’s from Harry Enfield/ Ade Edmondsen and the suitably and typically disinterested John Peel. Big shouts to Mr Lawson for the tape !!

Krispy 3 – Back It Up
Tim Dog ID
London Posse ID
Akinyele – Bags Packed
Mic Break

Nat West
Sony Tape [Harry Enfield]
Tribe Night-Out Comp

DJ Pogo Mix:
Big Daddy Kane – How U Get A Record Deal [Blend]
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
Digable Planets – Where I’m From Inst / Cuts
MC Lyte – Ruffneck
BIG – Party & Bullshit [Rmx]
Diamond D – Best Kept Secret [45 King Rmx]
Jamalski ID
Mic Break
Kam – Still Got Love 4 Um
The New Test-Da-Ment – Balimbo

YOP [Ade Edmondsen/ John Peel]

Rap Report with Havelock Nelson [Billboard]
Buju Banton – Make My Day [Troopa’s Jeep Mix]
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Come & Get Me While I’m Hot
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ID
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Death Becomes You

Chocolate Chinas Club
YOP [Ade Edmondsen/ John Peel]
Speak Out Against Racism w/ Gabrielle
Perfect Pizza

Ice Cube ID
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ID
The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up
Unanimous Decision – It Ain’t Clever
Incognito – Still A Friend Of Mine
Dr. Dre – Puffin’ On Blunts…
Darkman – What’s Not Yours
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Two Brothers With Checks
Gig Guide [Onyx/ Grand Puba]
Hijack ID
Font La Roy & Darkman – Back To The Lab

Flavor Flav [MC DJ Flavor] – Party in my Pants [Unreleased]


Before Public Enemy released a single, before they created Yo!, before the viking hats, before Rush Management, before they were inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and before they were even called Public Enemy, they were part of a rag-tag soundsystem of friends called Spectrum City. SC, starting in a youth centre in the 70s as a bunch of like-minded Rap fans that were learning how to DJ, made it to radio in the pursuit of nothing more than having fun and keeping themselves entertained.

Spectrum City business card

One of the things I enjoy most about listening through old tapes and old vintage radio shows is the unexpected discoveries of antiquities like this. This clip, from WBAU outta Long Island, NY, as well as the WBAU clips on this YT playlist, are unreleased, unheard and unavailable to anyone that wasnt tuning in to these shows regularly at the time, 1981 [Remember these broadcasts precede the first Public Enemy releases under their original moniker Spectrum City, which was 3 years later as the artist formerly known as MC Chuckie D explains in this clip].

MC Flavor [Flav] expounds his opinions regarding females. Sadly, he’s a tad misogynistic with lines like ‘Lets talk about the ugly ones that think they look good, their face is so ugly it looks like it was bashed up by wood’.

It’s unbelievably and disgustingly sexist, but thoroughly entertaining, and catchy as all hell. It was gaffled from a Youtube clip of WBAU material, not from my personal collection this time. I just wanted to highlight what PE were doing in their embryonic days on this iconic radio show.

The ‘Party in my Pants’ sample is from this

These shows were generously shared on YT, and to most might be ‘out-dated like the running man’ but they serve as the ‘Dawn of the Def’, a snapshot of Def Jam before DJ RR had stepped inside NYU dorm room #712. They are priceless artifacts that feature the raw talent that of the DJs, producers & artists, and all involved in creating one of the most important and iconic groups in Rap history; The Bomb Squad, Doctor Dre’s Operating Room, the Mr Bill Show [Bill Stephney], the Townhouse 3 [Son of Bazerk] and of course, the MC Flavor Show [ Flavor Flavs own regular late night platform].

Westwood – Kool G Rap [Live to London] October 1991


I’m amazed at how many people from my generation want to put Tim down, so many people are still hatin on Tim. RRR post these shows for those that enjoyed the broadcasts at the time, for those of us that were travelling to jams and carryin on in the back of the car en route to a jam of their own. It’s for those that blasted these iconic tunes on the radio, the first time round, as the musical accompaniment to our weekends ! These shows are for the people that kept hold of those tapes and pop in an old dusty one when the mood takes them. We also care about the youth, so we share these as a form of education for those younger generations that wanna discover the Hip-Hop that marketing men and women the world over talk about. Hip-Hop and Rap in their purist form are not about histrionics, incongruous gossip or bitchmove drama, it’s all about Peace, UNITY, Love and Havin Fun !!!!!

As well as broadcasting the sounds of Hip-Hop since the mid-80s, Tim Westwood was always hugely in favour of bringing the party ‘To the Streets’ and by the time October 1991 rolled around, the Big Dawg of British Rap radio had already been playing club sets for years and was ‘guaranteed to rock a party’. This tape [from the days of The Arch in Vauxhall, and The Slammer in Gravesend, two UK venues synonymous with Westwood and the Rap club circuit of the period] was generously supplied by ex-label and industry head, Mr Lawson, and is proof of such. The Live to London sessions started on the Capital Rap Show around the late 80s and continued for years, with Tim creating a direct platform for American artists to perform in front of British audiences for the first time, in London and across the UK, promoting their releases, and their identity. These sessions went live to air on 95.8 FM for segments of each Live to London Capital Radio broadcast, the actual parties ‘rocked on’ until 5am. This session starts with bangers, goes into some Hip-Pop in the form of O.P.P. and Fu-Schnickens, before launching into an underrated Ragga set. Tim was a huge proponent of Ragga and Dancehall, dropped it in virtually every set, and probably does to this day. He naturally played the prevailing ‘riddims’ of the time, but listen out for the ‘dub-plate specials’ he was blessed with by artists like Cutty Ranks, Mad Cobra, Daddy Meeky & Little Meeky and Daddy Woody. Advocating Tims position and confirming that ‘Westwood, He Run The Road’ on one selection. The iconic and faultless ‘Yush’ promo by Mad Cobra kicks off the Ragga section of the set. Remember, these promos and ‘dub-plates’ were never released to anyone other than Tim, on albums, CDs, anywhere. He talks more about them in the clip below too. Towards the end of the set you can warm to the intimidating menace of Kool G Rap live on stage, performing a short-set to promote a full concert at Hammersmith Palais. He spits a few bars over Peter Piper & Paul C beats and the tape ultimately comes to a close with some more ’91 classics.

Tims delivery on the mic is absurdly entertaining throughout this tape, most notably as he proudly announces Juice Crew Manager Fly Ty is in the building. His delivery of shout-outs to people from other sound-systems is also golden, as is the moment that he jumps to Ice Cubes defence during Fuck Compton. As well as seminal lines like ‘As the Countdown Continues’, ‘Kicking the Vibes Downtown’ and how he describes his set as ‘The Peoples Choice’. The terms for the different people in the dance are gems too: Brixton-ites, Ghetto-ites, and Punany Mechanics for starters.

If you want to catch some immediate throwback goosebumps, go to 57:57 to hear Tim drop the classic Poison by Kool G Rap and then the Live to London anthem, Letter To The Better by Master Ace. DJ Polo and G Rap are wandering around this South London dance, and informed over the mic to ‘Leave the Skins Alone’. More than once. The ‘Original Marley Marl Armshouse Lick’ is dedicated to DJ Polo, affirming its place as a bonafide Live to London anthem. Tim then tells Polo ‘God Damn I Told You’ as the whistle posse blow feverishly and the crowd screams along, fundamentally, this tape wholly captures the energy of those parties. Again, big thanks to Mr Lawson.

If you dont like Westwood, then you probably shouldn’t be listening to this. Because that would make you a hypocrite. For the rest of us with a less blinkered attitude, it’s a different story, this is one of the gnarliest Live to London sets that RRR has ever laid ears on, enjoy…..

Leaders of the New School – Case of the P.T.A.
Tim Dog – Fuck Compton
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Creator
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Creator [Slide to the Side]
Naughty by Nature – O.P.P.
Nice & Smooth – Hip-Hop Junkies
Fu-Schnickens – Ring The Alarm
*Mad Cobra – Yush Dubplate [Yush]
*Cutty Ranks – Retreat Dubplate
Daddy Woody – Rammer Jammer [Rammer Jammer]
Mad Cobra – Unknown [Rammer Jammer]
Unknown – Unknown [Rammer Jammer]
Risto Benji – Passport Buddy [Passport Buddy]
Mad Cobra – Unknown [Gundelero]
*Daddy Meeky & Little Meeky – Tim Westwood ‘He Run The Road’ Dubplate
Unknown – Special Guest [Gundelero]
Capleton – Special Guest [Organizer]
Johnny P – Honour & Respect
Burro Banton – Boom Wah Dis [Street Sweeper]
Poison Chang – Visa Body
Unknown – Body Workshop ?
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Length & Strength [Piranha]
Pan Head – Gun Man Tune [Soap]
Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm [Stalag]
*Reggie Stepper – Cu-Oonuh Dubplate [Stalag]
Kool G Rap – Poison
Kool G Rap – Road to The Riches
Ace & Action – Letter To The Better
Kool G Rap – Live
EPMD feat. LL Cool J – Rampage
Brand Nubian – Slow Down
UMCs – One to Grow On