Westwood – Capital Rap Show – 19 August 1994

As we’re in the run up to the Carnival here in London, we’ve transferred the first of our Notting Hill Carnival themed tapes…

This one’s a pre-carnival gem from August 1994. No freestyles/ interviews or any exclusives, just Timmy playing segments of Ron G – Its On #2 [In enviably good quality] along with a bunch of bangin good music !

Listening to the Capital Rap Show allowed a lot of listeners to catch segments of mixtapes that would’ve gone unheard if it hadn’t been for Westwood, and this one of the many tapes that took peoples hair-lines back an inch or 3; Ron G feat Raekwon/ KRS/ OC & Biggie on an intro was heavy on the rewind for months. The Method Man ‘improv’ is listeners doing impressions of Meth to win Wu-Tang tickets in a competition prize, not a freestyle with a posh name. And in the Source Magazine update, Jon [Jay the Sultan] Shecter comes off with some interesting points in the Source update regarding regional sales reports and how Biggie ‘was NYs best hope to blow up nationally’ in 1994.

Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 J-Card
Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 - A
Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 - B