DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk Full 3 Hour Show – 98.7 Kiss FM April 1989

DJ Red Alert - ZULU

This is an extremely rare full 3 Hour DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk show from 25 years ago this week, one of the legendary Saturday night mastermixes on 98.7 Kiss FM from April 1989. Its Kool DJ Red Alert with co-presenters Diane King and Jeff Foxx. When the pioneers talk about the golden area of Rap on the radio, Mr Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert are arguably the first names on peoples lips. Take a nostalgic aural trip back a quarter of a century, to one of the most iconic DJs and shows in the ancestry of Hip-Hop and Rap on the airwaves.

DJ Red Alert - WRKS Kiss FM 22 April 1989 Tape 1

DJ Red Alert - WRKS Kiss FM 22 April 1989 Tape 2

As well as archetypal Rap classics from the Jungle Brothers, the Juice Crew, MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D, Chubb Rock and alot more great music, keep an ear out for the plentiful Kiss FM & Red Alert ‘station identification’ drops from Chris Rock, Super DJ Clark Kent, the Shirt Kings, the Violators crew and Black Rock N Ron. And ads for Coors Light, White Castle as well as a McDonalds Scrabble Competition, who knew the two would go hand in hand ?!  Harlems own led the way with an animated on-air persona and an added authenticity and passion to play the sound of an aspirational late-80s New York. The Propmaster gave dozens of the artists we know today a first rung on the ladder. On this tape, Q-Tip appears alongside Reds nephews Mike Gee & Afrika and cousin Sammy B on the JBs ‘In Time’. Putting people on was a standard, but not restricted to his family.

Apologies in advance, both tapes have been remastered and compressed to sound punchier, but they are 25 years old and both were a bit wacky in terms of quality to begin with. There are accidental record button moments, the bugged out sounds of the tape chewing, more than once, but thankfully it all sounds exactly the same way it did 25 years ago. Make a statement and play this out the window on a sunny afternoon, alternatively, play it at any club, disco, lounge, house basement or block party, car stereo, stoop, or at any other social gathering.

Nerd-note: Red Alert talks about clubbing in London with the Jungle Brothers, 45 King, Shante, Kane and others over the Easter period in the weeks previous to this broadcast. Evidently, this was the period when the JBs and others were doing shows in the UK, and when Simon Harris presented and recorded the Hustlers Convention LP with DJ Mark the 45 King etc.

Huge props to the Propmaster.

Photos and cutting from a Hannah Ford interview and article in Soul Underground magazine from the same month.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver Lim ©

Red Alert - Soul Underground Article