Westwood – Kool G Rap [Live to London] October 1991


This post is dedicated to the haters, to the surprising number of people that cuss Tim Westwood on the socials; for his choices of career path, his presentation style, for his passion, for his involvement in creating a culture and a soundtrack for a generation or two, yeh, this ones’ for you smart-mouth ! My Mum always taught me, ‘If you dont have anything nice to say about someone, say nothin’.

I’m amazed at how many people from my generation want to put Tim down, so many people are still sippin on that Haterade and riffin, when they could be a positive force. RRR post these shows for those that enjoyed the broadcasts at the time, for those of us that were travelling to jams and carryin on in the back of the car en route to a jam of their own. It’s for those that blasted these iconic tunes on the radio, the first time round, as the musical accompaniment to our weekends ! These shows are for the people that kept hold of those tapes and pop in an old dusty one when the mood takes them. We also care about the yoot dem, so we share these as a form of education for those younger generations that wanna discover the Hip-Hop that marketing men and women the world over talk about.

This is for those that even performed with Westwood at Live to London jams, it’s for those that just seem to enjoy drama these days, and for some reason, seem to use the cultural banner of Hip-Hop as a crutch. Yo, that crutch has been kicked from under you, you farcical fool. Hip-Hop and Rap in their purist form are not about histrionics, incongruous gossip or bitchmove drama, it’s all about Peace, UNITY, Love and Havin Fun !!!!!

Therefore, if you dont like Westwood, then you probably shouldnt be listening to this. Because that would make you a hypocrite. For the rest of us with a less blinkered attitude, it’s a different story, this is one of the freshest dopest Live to London sets that RRR has ever laid ears on, enjoy…..

As well as broadcasting the sounds of Hip-Hop since the mid-80s, Tim Westwood was always hugely in favour of bringing the party ‘To the Streets’ and by the time October 1991 rolled around, the Big Dawg of British Rap radio had already been playing club sets for years and was ‘guaranteed to rock a party’. This tape [from the days of The Arch in Vauxhall, and The Slammer in Gravesend, two UK venues synonymous with Westwood and the Rap club circuit of the period] was generously supplied by ex-label and industry head, Mr Lawson, and is proof of such. The Live to London sessions started on the Capital Rap Show around the late 80s and continued for years, with Tim creating a direct platform for American artists to perform in front of British audiences for the first time, in London and across the UK, promoting their releases, and their identity. These sessions went live to air on 95.8 FM for segments of each Live to London Capital Radio broadcast, the actual parties ‘rocked on’ until 5am.

This session starts with bangers, goes into some Hip-Pop in the form of O.P.P. and Fu-Schnickens, before launching into an underrated Ragga set. Tim was a huge proponent of Ragga and Dancehall, dropped it in virtually every set, and probably does to this day. He naturally played the prevailing ‘riddims’ of the time, but listen out for the ‘dub-plate specials’ he was blessed with by artists like Cutty Ranks, Mad Cobra, Daddy Meeky & Little Meeky and Daddy Woody. Advocating Tims position and confirming that ‘Westwood, He Run The Road’ on one selection. The iconic and faultless ‘Yush’ promo by Mad Cobra kicks off the Ragga section of the set. Remember, these promos and ‘dub-plates’ were never released to anyone other than Tim, on albums, CDs, anywhere. He talks more about them in the clip below too. Towards the end of the set you can warm to the intimidating menace of Kool G Rap live on stage, performing a short-set to promote a full concert at Hammersmith Palais. He spits a few bars over Peter Piper & Paul C beats and the tape ultimately comes to a close with some more ’91 classics.

Tims delivery on the mic is absurdly entertaining throughout this tape, most notably as he proudly announces Juice Crew Manager Fly Ty is in the building. His delivery of shout-outs to people from other sound-systems is also golden, as is the moment that he jumps to Ice Cubes defence during Fuck Compton. As well as seminal lines like ‘As the Countdown Continues’, ‘Kicking the Vibes Downtown’ and how he describes his set as ‘The Peoples Choice’. The terms for the different people in the dance are gems too: Brixton-ites, Ghetto-ites, and Punany Mechanics for starters.

If you want to catch some immediate throwback goosebumps, go to 57:57 to hear Tim drop the classic Poison by Kool G Rap and then the Live to London anthem, Letter To The Better by Master Ace. DJ Polo and G Rap are wandering around this South London dance, and informed over the mic to ‘Leave the Skins Alone’. More than once. The ‘Original Marley Marl Armshouse Lick’ is dedicated to DJ Polo, affirming its place as a bonafide Live to London anthem. Tim then tells Polo ‘God Damn I Told You’ as the whistle posse blow feverishly and the crowd screams along, fundamentally, this tape wholly captures the energy of those parties. Again, big thanks to Mr Lawson.

Leaders of the New School – Case of the P.T.A.
Tim Dog – Fuck Compton
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Creator
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Creator [Slide to the Side]
Naughty by Nature – O.P.P.
Nice & Smooth – Hip-Hop Junkies
Fu-Schnickens – Ring The Alarm
*Mad Cobra – Yush Dubplate [Yush]
*Cutty Ranks – Retreat Dubplate
Daddy Woody – Rammer Jammer [Rammer Jammer]
Mad Cobra – Unknown [Rammer Jammer]
Unknown – Unknown [Rammer Jammer]
Risto Benji – Passport Buddy [Passport Buddy]
Mad Cobra – Unknown [Gundelero]
*Daddy Meeky & Little Meeky – Tim Westwood ‘He Run The Road’ Dubplate
Unknown – Special Guest [Gundelero]
Capleton – Special Guest [Organizer]
Johnny P – Honour & Respect
Burro Banton – Boom Wah Dis [Street Sweeper]
Poison Chang – Visa Body
Unknown – Body Workshop ?
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Length & Strength [Piranha]
Pan Head – Gun Man Tune [Soap]
Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm [Stalag]
*Reggie Stepper – Cu-Oonuh Dubplate [Stalag]
Kool G Rap – Poison
Kool G Rap – Road to The Riches
Ace & Action – Letter To The Better
Kool G Rap – Live
EPMD feat. LL Cool J – Rampage
Brand Nubian – Slow Down
UMCs – One to Grow On

Westwood – Capital Rap Show Feat Andre Harrell Interview – 10 May 1991

On this Capital Rap Show from May 1991, there’s a great interview with Andre Harrell, one part of the duo behind some of the first flushes of Rap on Profile Records [Dr.Jeckyll & Mr.Hyde]. Harrell started Uptown Records alongside Puffy in 86 and is considered one of the most iconic figures within the industry of Hip-Hop & Rap. He took Hip-Hop & Rap to unexpected places in the Nineties along with producers like Teddy Riley & Marley Marl, and people like Puffy. Here he discusses the world of Harlem, Buppy Rap, his movie project ‘Go Natalie’ [A working title, it switched up to ‘Strictly Business’ by the time of release], and why he switched from performing under the Dr.Jeckyll & Mr.Hyde moniker to artist management etc.

Tim also uses terms like ‘Stressin to the Bone’, which is never unfunny.


As well as that, Westwood plays tracks off the NWA LP Niggaz4Life which was due to hit the streets in the following weeks, the World Premiere of Heavy D’s Hip-Pop classic ‘Now That We’ve Found Love’ is dropped, he plays yet another alternate version of Marley Marl No BS [with the ‘I’m Your Puppet’ break and the Mr Magic diss removed] as well as another version of the LL cut I Get Busy [with yet more alternate lyrics].

NB: Jonathan Shecter AKA @sheckygreen AKA Jay the Sultan, also mentions a compelling performance during The Source Magazine weekly update: At a surprise birthday party for MC Serch at the Redzone, all four members of the cast of ‘Live At The BBQ’ appeared on stage, to perform ‘Live At The BBQ’. Now that’s some Hip-Hop holy grail ‘isht !!!


Westwood Feat Gang Starr Interview [Capital Rap Show] – 19 April 1991

Westwood Feat Gangstarr [Capital Rap Show] - 19 April 1991 - J-Card

As Gang Starrs’ No More Mr Nice Guy turns 25 in a matter of days, we thought we should pull this doozy out the bag.

Just hours after their April 91 gig at the Town & Country Club in North London, DJ Premier and Guru [along with support crew Caveman] rock up at the studios of Capital Radio to catch up on some promo for the forthcoming Step In The Arena LP.

In terms of tunes, this is another bunch of crackers, another fat tape, like we used to say. Bangers from De La, Son of Bazerk and others. Keep your ears peeled for the opening to Back to the Scene of the Bass which sounds better than ever, the demo of Rampage by EPMD & LL also appears and check out some new tracks from Dee La Soul and Trugay ? Erm. Fail. The IDs are great too; All of Ultra, Capleton and even a strange Clark Kent & Chubb Rock ID in which Westwood is referred to as ‘The Ignorant Man’ playing ignorant music ?

Then as advertised, a rare as hens in Huaraches interview with Gang Starr. Fundamentally its the crew and Tim shootin the gift on air. There are too many really interesting topics bein bandied about to mention em, so just listen up at your leisure. Check out Westwood gettin hyped when Primo kicks the knowledge on 10″ car-trunk woofers ! Both of them give Tim major propage for stayin in his indy lane too. That didnt happen that often back then.

Back in 2010, Billy Jam wrote a top notch piece for the Amoeba Records blog about how the developments within the genre in 1991 were vitalising the airwaves and creating a new and exciting territory for Hip-Hop and Rap to expand, def worth reading. Big shouts to Billy Jam.

Westwood Feat Gangstarr [Capital Rap Show] - 19 April 1991 - Tape