Mr Magic & Mister Cee – Classic Showcase HOT97 – Late 1997

This is a Classic Showcase tape with Big Daddy Kanes’ DJ, and Mr Magic. You only need to look at the tracklist to know this is a quality show. It’s loose, it’s tight, there aint too many doubles, Cee is TIGHT on the mix, and with advertising like The Tunnel opener [Free champagne] an’ the Mic Geronimo LP ads voiced by Angie Martinez, as well as some shitty reception, it all adds to the late 90s authenticity LOL !

Seriously, how many Rap radio show DJs rocked Prince & MC Lyte backtoback?

The Tunnel Free Champagne Promo [Funk Flex & Big Kap]
adidas KB8
Mic Break

Special Ed – Taxin
Masta Ace ID
Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
Oran Juice Jones & Stu Large ID
Gwen Guthrie – Close to You
Prince – Sign of the Times
MC Lyte – 10% Dis
King Doe-V – Shamalama
[Shitty reception]
Troop – Spread My Wings [Clark Kent Super Mix with Tito]
Chuckii Booker – Turned Away
Fat Boys – In The House
The D.O.C. – The D.O.C. & The Doctor
[More shitty reception]
I-Level – Give Me
Mic Break

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta [Funk Flex & Angie Martinez]
Long Island University
Emergency Alert System Test
Old School Flava ID

Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Run DMC – Sucker MCs
Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full
Dennis Edwards – Dont Look Any Further
Big Daddy Kane – Mortal Kombat
Anita Ward – Ring my Bell
Slow Jam ID
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
Delfonics – Delfonics Theme
Mic Break with Mister Cee & Mr Magic
Magic is Here ID

David Letterman ID
Funk Flex – Funk Flavor Mix Promo
Old School Flava ID
991 Volts – Champion of Love
Beatnuts ID
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
Steve Arrington – Way Out
Foster & McElroy Feat. MC Lyte – Dr Soul Remix
SuperBlast ID
Big Daddy Kane – Set it Off
Chuck D ID
Kool G Rap – Poison
Cameo – Candy
First Circle – Workin Up A Sweat
The Firm ID
Cool C – Glamorous Life
Doug E Fresh – DEF Remix
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
End of Show

Dr Dre & Ed Lover ID
adidas KB8
Kodak Goldmax
Little Mermaid 6 Second review
Something For The People LP
Puff Daddy World Tour w/ Kid Capri
Street Soldiers Show w Lisa Evers

Rap Summit with Howard Stern on WXRK – 19 March 1997 [Feat Kool Herc/ Caz/ Chubb Rock/ Melle Mel/ Luke Skyywalker and more].

Broadcast the day after Biggies funeral in March 1997, wind-up DJ Howard Stern raises the blood pressure, cos thats his antagonistic schtick, and this on-air panel, created to discuss the so-called beef between left and right coasts may make the blood boil, but if you can briefly overlook the ignorance of the man, it is an interesting snap-shot of the period, and a stark reminder of the manufactured East vs West hostility. Its also proof positive that Rappers and Rap fans werent paying any attention to it. It also reminds us that a truly hostile media were all up in Raps ass a long long time ago.

Studio Guests in order of appearance:

Pebblee-Poo [Master Don and the Def Committee]
Kangol Kid [UTFO]
Grandmaster Caz [Cold Crush Brothers]
D9s ?
Chubb Rock
Melle Mel
Luke Skyywalker
Kool Herc
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E
Dat Nigga Daz [ Dogg Pound Gangstas]

In typical friction based fashion, Stern had no good reason to present a discussion about the differences within a culture he evidently knew nothing about, and makes a tool out of himself for trying, ‘You think Notorious BIG got killed because he was making fun of 2Pac’ ? He typically refers to Tupac, as Two Pack. And then has the tenacity and disrespect to say, ‘Whatever’ when Caz attempts to correct the pronounciation. RRR are sharing this because its refreshing to hear pioneers like Melle Mel school [Stern and] the listeners on why ‘Battling’ within the culture had been completely misrepresented and misunderstood by the media at the time, including Stern on this very show.

The guests in the studio were an odd mix of left and right coast, park jam pioneers and Full Force associates amongst others: Grand Master Caz, a typically erudite and collected Chubb Rock, Kool Herc, the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E, female Rap pioneer Pebblee-Poo, one of the funniest men in Hip-Hop; the legendary Grand Master Melle Mel, Luther Campbell, Kangol Kid from UTFO and someone by the name of D9s? Dat Nigga Daz from the DPG also calls in to the show and gets a bit cantankerous with Herc and Melvin.

Westwood – Notting Hill Carnival Weekend 1997 [Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes]

Tim Westwood excitedly took to the airwaves on Friday 22 August 1997 with the ‘Fat Friday’ Radio1 Rap Show. It was the opener for a long weekend of parties and a performance the following Monday that he would later refer to as the Gig of a Lifetime.

Westwood parties at Notting Hill Carnival werent simply raise-the-roof roadblocks, they were as close as the 90s generation would get to that raw energy of the park jams of the late 70s in NY.  The session in 97 wasnt just gonna be another jam, it wasnt gonna be another year of guest DJs droppin bangers alongside Westwood, 1997 was the year that the live performances started. 1997 was a year at Carnival that many Londoners would never forget.

The freestyles and conversations that took place on air that Friday night were legendary, weve upped both tapes from the RRR archives.

The first 45 minutes from the Flipmode tape features a truly iconic session from the ex-Leaders of the New School MC and his crew. It is THE classic session that gets talked about, due to DJ Scratchator on the cut, and the unapologetic and relentless ‘Flipmode rip up zip codes’ freestyle. Both Busta & Tim referring to Dash as Damion several times is just bonus shits and giggles. Jigga and Dash drop a couple of World Premieres off DAT tape from the yet to be released In My Lifetime, Jigga spits a few lines from the Primo produced Rhyme no More and Damon gets his hustle on. They talk up Sauce Money and crow-bar a couple of Christión tracks. On Side B, Mr Carter is referred to as a mustard gas, mace in the face type MC by Busta and Westwood respectively.

The Sunday sessions [Family Day] would be presented as UK Day with Fallacy, Funky DL and others on stage at the top end of Portobello Road under the Westway in Ladbroke Grove, West London. ‘Grove’, to the elders of the community, was the home of all things graffiti back in the early 80s, and therefore a command center for all things Hip-Hop in London.

The Monday would feature an unimaginable line-up; as well as Chris Goldfinger and Westwood hypin the set, Jay-Z was top-billin with Damon Dash, Lil Kim and the Rocafella street team in tow. Busta Rhymes, Rampage and the Flipmode squad were next in line. Beenie Man, Red Rat & Goofy from the Main Street Crew were also on the line-up, as well as Glamma Kid and Common [Sense] earlier on in the afternoon. EPMD were also due to perform, and for all those jumping on the disturbingly mainstream endorsed twerking bandwagon of 2013, there was a ‘bass-dance competition’ for the girls [with a ‘£100 cold cash’ prize for the winner].

Big respect to all the HMV and Aids sufferers !?!