Frankie Crocker Sept 1983 WBLS

RRR are ‘back like chiroprac-tics’, and we’ve decided to kick off with our first post-Summer share, with a recording of the late great Frankie Crocker. A 34 year old recording of the Frankie Crocker breakfast show on WBLS!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 TDK D90 wmark

As we join forces with the good people at the Hip Hop Radio Archive we are adding a new listening platform in an attempt to ‘Build up historical NYC recordings’ that we hope will remain on the web for alot longer than cowboy companies like Soundcloud etc promise [Were semi-shook that Mixcloud will go the same way, removing years of content sans explanation, in one fell swoosh]. We’ve always wanted our listeners to be able to DL our remastered shows and scans onto their own devices too, and via the Internet Archive, you can.

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 RRR BANNER WIDE

Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lovebug Starski – You Gotta Believe
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
Fever  – Beat Of The Night
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
La Yoghurt
Ask your Pharmacist
Eastside gynaecology
Crazy Eddies [Atari/ Texas Instruments]
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Jamaica Dance Theatre/ Studio 54 Competition Madonna West St Mob Kurtis Blow & the ‘Breakers”
Lustrasilk Right On Curl Activator
Ask your Pharmacist
Mighty Diamonds & Monyaka Show
Ron Carlow Cosmetics
WBLS Walk a Mile Fundraiser
Frankie ‘My Idol’ ID
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lionel Richie – All Night Long
Mic Break w/ Frankie [‘Lionel, havin a good time’]
Stephanie Mills – Pilot Error
WBLS – The Godfather Part 3 Prank bit
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Latoya Jackson – Bet ya Gonna Need my Lovin
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Budweiser Super-Fest
Ads & News:
Archers skin-tone cream
Lighten Up
Budweiser Super-Fest @ MSG [Rick James/ Mary Jane Girls/ Mtume/ O-Jays]
Kentucky Fried Children
News Update
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lew Kirton – Talk To Me
Anita Baker – Squeeze Me

Mic Break w/ Frankie [Coming up, live mixing from Sergio Munzabai & Timmy Regisford]
Starpoint – It’s So Delicious
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
I Listen to WBLS Promo
Madonna – Holiday
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Miss Cool Hair Products
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Western Airlines
Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Pan American Airlines
Approved by the NY State Education Dept
Mic Break w/ Frankie – [Mets vs Cardinals result]
One Way – Shine On Me

Just like Grace Jones’ The Apple Stretching, this is a beautiful snapshot of early morning early 80s New York, this time, from 1983. This may be randomrapradio and there may only be one Rap tune on this tape, but the recording is about much more than just one track, it’s an illustration to younger generations, of how things used to be, a lesson in radio history, as well as bein’ a throwback to simpler times for the older listeners. In 2017, so many people are all about retro this and vintage that, so, as well as the fashions, why not enjoy the sounds from those good old days too ?

Frankie is an icon of New York music industry, and this is him at his charismatic best, on the station known as the ‘World’s Best Looking Sound’, WBLS [or WBL Kickin S, if you go back that far]. The tape opens with an ad for a Tower Records album signing; the LP, Speaking In Tongues, the band; Talking Heads [We dig these sentimental shards of sound just as much as the music here at RRR]. RECORDING MEMO RRR BANNER WIDE

As well as classic music from Rufus n Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Madonna and the Mary Jane Girls, Frankie announces a ‘new artist’, Anita Baker. There are ads for the Budweiser Super-Fest @ Madison Square Garden, with Rick James & the Mary Jane Girls. Frankie announces a competition for the ‘Studio 54 Dance the Last Day of Summer Party’ featuring Madonna, the West St Mob, Kurtis Blow and intriguingly, ‘the breakers’. Frankie plays All Night Long and does a bit about Lionel Richie getting stoned. He talks about Lionels’ ‘Bob Marley bag’ and the fact that there is ‘alotta smoke in the room’. Again, a bizarro but beautiful document of the time.

Some of the most enjoyable elements of this tape are the mic-breaks; containing the ‘cosmic forecast’ [star-signs] and random bits like the flowers and colors for the day [rose and mahogany]. All very odd, but strangely and retrospectively beautiful in a quirky vintage broadcasting sense. Channeling the Chief Rockers’ community spirit, Frankie explains that it’s a ‘good day to show the more humanitarian side to your nature’. In a motivational moment, he advises the listeners to start their day with a ‘helpful attitude’. ‘Dont be afraid to walk up to someone and say, can I help? I’ll help you carry those packages. You might get smacked in the mouth but ya gotta try’ !!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 J-Card

This tape was, as you can see from the recording memorandum [who knew they would be so handy 30 years later ?!!!] was recorded and generously donated by an ex-colleague [the coolest IT support specialist on the planet and all round good soul, Keren A]. As she holidayed with her family in Cambria Heights in Queens NY, she pressed record on 2 nights, this is a composite of both shows. HUGE propers to Keren, much love as always !


‘If you use Serato, good for you, do your thing, waaaaaaaaaaaaay over there. Were doin our thing right here, in our lane’. Arguably, after ‘Red, WHERE’s the BEAT?!!’, this is the most almighty intro to a Hip-Hop radio show ! Unmerciful, unapologetic, and pure Hip-Hop.

GREAT to see Jorun Bombay back with another Funkbox party ! The Funkbox Reload Shows are so so good. They’re neat and perfectly presented. The music is spot on [Jorun always brings back those tunes you might not’ve had on heavy rotation over the past 20 years], droppin doubles of absolute bangers that’ll have ya reachin for your own copies [or frantically doin some digital-diggin on Discogs] every time.  The edits are my highlight, Jorun droppin special versions of truckloads of tunes every show. The cutting is done to perfection AND the guys are bloody enjoyin themselves, obvs [Co-Presenter Flexxman is described as ‘Flysaac Hayes, the mood enhancer with all the answers’! LMAO]. As well as the older tracks, there’s new as well. RRR might be stuck in 89, but we know what passes the quality control test in 2017. If you havent caught any of the other Funkbox Reload shows, get yer act together !

Tunes on this one incl All the Way to Heaven/ Bass Machine/ Triple m Bass and stacks more…

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK ?

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK ? Probably because early adopters and standard bearers of cool like the Chrome Angelz were co-signing them, and us kiddies jumped on that brandwagon!
Mike TDK Pride
Pride and TCA are some of my favourite graff writers, and unquestionably the finest artists from the UK. Prides’ work for TDK way back in 87 for this TDK calendar from 1988 remains an incredible piece of work.
MIKE ALLEN TDK CALENDAR 1988 TCA Close-Up Pride wmark
It’s the piece that has been widely used for anything to do with Mike Allen when he was doing promotion for his Capital Radio Rap/ Hip-Hop Show AKA Allen’s Army on Manoeuvres. Just thought some of ya might enjoy seein it again in its original form…
MIKE ALLEN TDK CALENDAR 1988 of the Chrome Angels wmark

The All City Show Freestyles #1 – Def Jux Mystro Braintax Rhymefest Black Thought Milk D

From the ample archives of the seminal All City Show in the UK, this bumper session is the first in a series of recordings that have been generously supplied by the one of the most down-to-earth cats in the industry; Fat Lace Magazine co-founder, Unthugged Crew DJ, Journalist, Sneaker Collector, Label Owner and artist manager Dan Greenpeace FKA Dan Large.


It’s an exemplary selection of the iconic freestyles and performances that took place on the show, as they broadcast on XFM in London for 7 years during the noughties. All City was presented by Dan, alongside DJ & Producer Theo Keating [Fake Blood, Touché] and Zane Lowe.

On this clip, you have everyone from local icons to the top tens of this world: One half of the Run the Jewels mosse El-P, spitting some serious gems alongside his fellow Def Jux crew members Murs, C-Rayz Walz with DJ Seb One on the decks. Mr Tonight Show, Black Thought drops his own jewels and First Priority Records icon Milk D makes a brief appearance. Grammy & Oscar award winner Rhymefest blesses the mic [with Super-Producer Mark Ronson also in the studio] and the UK’s very own local hero, the one and only ‘MuthaLuva’ Mystro makes some thoroughly entertaining ‘off the heady’ appearances alongside another Leeds alumni, Braintax.

When he isn’t booking and hangin’ out with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Dan hosts an Instagram account sure to leave any avid Hip-Hop fan in a jaw-dropping stupor. His Fat Lace cohort Drew Large also has new book out, cop it here !