Happy Birthday Run

Joey Simmons, DJ Run, Joseph Simmons, Run or Run Love, it made no difference what the name was, the first time you heard this cat, alongside the late great JMJ and the devastating mic controller DMC, you knew he meant business. In celebration of this Rap icons birthday, Random Rap Radio are sharing a couple of treats for the first time outside of the tight-lipped trade channels of tape swaps. As way of a thank you to one of the greatest [most energetic and possibly the loudest] that ever did it, we wanted to divvy up a few bits that you might not have heard before.

The live set is from an after-hours show in London during the Krush Groove Tour in 1986,  its made up of two sections of Westwood broadcasts, one from the time, and another culled from another section of the ‘8 Hour after party’. Simply hearing Run beatbox, or hearing DMC drop a rhyme about droppin a deuce in a hotel bathroom is folly enough, but some of the wide-eyed freestyle rhymes on here are beyond expectations. Also featured on the set are DJ Hurricane who rhymes his ass off, Grandmaster Dee from Whodini, LL & the Beastie Boys.

Mike Allen was the pre-cursor to Tim Westwood on Capital Radio, bringing an eccentric twist to Hip Hop airwaves way-back-when, and the Together Forever Tour ad is just a Florida based bonus.

There are true classics and lots of seriously good music on the Mike Allen tape, so check the Soundcloud for tracklisting.

Huge propage to Ev Boogie from UpNorthTrips, Complex Lee & Simmo from Mike Allen Capital Radio

Run DMC_Early

NME Run DMC - Madison Square Gardens Cover Gun Crazy

NME Run DMC - Madison Square Gardens


Run DMC Collage

Beastie Boys Freestyle on Radio Nova Paris – 1994

Adam Yauch wouldve celebrated his birthday today, so I wanted to post this in honour of the great man.

This is a clip from DJ Cut Killers Novamix show on Radio Nova in Paris, during the promo for Ill Communication.

MCA and Mike D drop rhymes off the head as well as droppin bars from the forthcoming album, and other beautiful nonsense [The ‘Doo-doo zone’]. The Beasties didnt do too many freestyles on radio so this rare treat is a blessing.

Amongst the subject being discussed are sentient beings, french cheeses, and if you ever wanted to hear the ‘Beatski Boys’ rhymin some Rammelzee, Melle Mel & Sugarhill Gang lines, this is the place.

Huge shouts to Mark L, the 9th Beastie.

Later much.