Kool DJ Red Alert WRKS Kiss FM – August 1989

It’s Summer 1989 in New York City, it’s hot, Propmaster Kool DJ Red Alert is rockin’ the red shorts and he could probably do with some Juicy Fruit. Boogie Down Productions’ D-Nice is manning the request line, while Ms Melodie [R.I.P.] is hanging out in the studio along with Jeff Foxx who takes care of presentation duties.

Red tears up classic after classic, and drops some truly iconic WRKS IDs and promos: Mike Tyson, Shirt Kings, Gods favourite DJ Clark Kent, the Bizzie Boys and more. Note just how tight Red Alert is on the 2s and 1s, and keep an ear out for the airplane effect. All the ads on the tape have been preserved, for good reason. Full TL on the Soundcloud.

Red Alert Soul Underground April 1989 - article2



Boogie Down Productions – Live from London 13 July 1989

Boogie Down Productions, one of the few Rap outfits since the Cold Crush to have such a polished live show that they could release a live album.

This is BDP, the KRS & Kenny Parker BDP, live in London, performing a few of their hits as well as a bunch of songs from their ‘forthcoming’ LP Ghetto Music. This was broadcast on 21 July 1989 on Tim Westwoods Capital Rap Show as part of the Capital Radio Continental Airlines music festival. For Hip-Hop [and Go-Go] outfits wanting to cater to a more substantial crowd than the usual sweat-soaked low-ceiling hotboxes, the Town and Country Club was THE venue of choice during the late Eighties.

This session has never been officially released, aside from 3 tracks which were available on the 1991 release Live Hardcore Worldwide; Up To Date, Why Is That & Stop The Violence.


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BDP ticket 13 July 1989