DJ Premier – WBLS Thunder Storm Volumes 1 – 6

If you want to immerse yourself in the fashionable sound of raw 90s Rap, you need look no further than this 6 set playlist from 1994 and 1995. These rare radio recordings have been bandied about in various qualities over the years , but we thought we’d make it easy access like Eazy-E’s pants. He was on every Friday night between 1992 & 1994. He tore it up between 8 – 10 PM on THE station of choice in NY, the World’s Best Looking Sound, 107.5 WBLS.

Primo is a don, a ‘king of style’ if you will. His work with Gang Starr, his production credits, his unapologetic and wide ranging taste in music, and his legendary status within the universal Hip-Hop community as a humble cat, can’t be contested. But as a mix show DJ, this man is a ‘monster on the set’, and listening back to these shows, it’s evident that even with quite a few years of the business under his belt, he was still hungry like bears goin’ bonkers in Yonkers.

Listening back to a show which pre-dates Sirius XMs ‘Live From HeadQCourterz’ by approx a decade, the first thing that you’ll notice is Mr Martin taking the Terminator X approach [he was known to Speak with his Hands]. I don’t think he utters a word, but that ain’t important. He had Geronimo and assorted posse in effect in the other booth to undertake the presentation, which allowed him to concentrate on rippin shit.

They were broadcast in the mid-90s, and in 2009 they had a very limited Japanese release on CD. These recordings are from those CDs. He drops ‘Future Classics’, from all coasts, and as you know, his scratch is insanely and hypnotically tight at times, he even drops the airplane effect. What, you want more? He drops tracks that didn’t sell out in their first week, but still had ya head noddin back then. He drops a demo by an unsigned artist called Rambo [Produced by Clark Kent protege and old school alumni Ski, FKA MC Will-Ski from the Bizzie Boyz]. And, as you would, he murders some doubles of his own productions to make this a classic set. The Gang Starr Foundation make a couple of appearances, including a brief interview with Bahamadia and some time with Jeru. Apart from the fact that there are a few repeat listens of a handful of tunes over the 6 volumes, there is very little else to say about this playlist. All you need to do is listen, and maybe reach for a neckbrace.

Biggest propers to Biggest Gord and the PhilaFlava Unit.

Westwood Feat Gang Starr Interview [Capital Rap Show] – 19 April 1991

Westwood Feat Gangstarr [Capital Rap Show] - 19 April 1991 - J-Card

As Gang Starrs’ No More Mr Nice Guy turns 25 in a matter of days, we thought we should pull this doozy out the bag.

Just hours after their April 91 gig at the Town & Country Club in North London, DJ Premier and Guru [along with support crew Caveman] rock up at the studios of Capital Radio to catch up on some promo for the forthcoming Step In The Arena LP.

In terms of tunes, this is another bunch of crackers, another fat tape, like we used to say. Bangers from De La, Son of Bazerk and others. Keep your ears peeled for the opening to Back to the Scene of the Bass which sounds better than ever, the demo of Rampage by EPMD & LL also appears and check out some new tracks from Dee La Soul and Trugay ? Erm. Fail. The IDs are great too; All of Ultra, Capleton and even a strange Clark Kent & Chubb Rock ID in which Westwood is referred to as ‘The Ignorant Man’ playing ignorant music ?

Then as advertised, a rare as hens in Huaraches interview with Gang Starr. Fundamentally its the crew and Tim shootin the gift on air. There are too many really interesting topics bein bandied about to mention em, so just listen up at your leisure. Check out Westwood gettin hyped when Primo kicks the knowledge on 10″ car-trunk woofers ! Both of them give Tim major propage for stayin in his indy lane too. That didnt happen that often back then.

Back in 2010, Billy Jam wrote a top notch piece for the Amoeba Records blog about how the developments within the genre in 1991 were vitalising the airwaves and creating a new and exciting territory for Hip-Hop and Rap to expand, def worth reading. Big shouts to Billy Jam.

Westwood Feat Gangstarr [Capital Rap Show] - 19 April 1991 - Tape




DJ Premier & Fatman Scoop [HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend] – 24 November 1995

Today in 1995, New York witnessed DJ Premier broadcasting live as part of an all-star line-up on a classic HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend.

As well as undertaking his first mic control duties on-air, Primo got seriously busy on the decks with some truly epic productions of his own as well as some monster indy tunes from the period. For those that heard it live on air, consider those of us in the UK that had to wait for booty copies like the one below. For those that remember, Underground Flavas out of West London had a habit of cutting corners on the cost of design and quality, just look at the J-Card. Forgetfully, they even dropped mixtapes with only one side of music on em.

Fatman Scoop was in charge of the presentation, all 326 ‘soaking wet’ pounds of him. Check the TL on the SC page.

Fatman Scoop & DJ Premier [HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend] - 24 November Tape