DJ Premier & Fatman Scoop [HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend] – 24 November 1995

Today in 1995, New York witnessed DJ Premier broadcasting live as part of an all-star line-up on a classic HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend.

As well as undertaking his first mic control duties on-air, Primo got seriously busy on the decks with some truly epic productions of his own as well as some monster indy tunes from the period. For those that heard it live on air, consider those of us in the UK that had to wait for booty copies like the one below. For those that remember, Underground Flavas out of West London had a habit of cutting corners on the cost of design and quality, just look at the J-Card. Forgetfully, they even dropped mixtapes with only one side of music on em.

Fatman Scoop was in charge of the presentation, all 326 ‘soaking wet’ pounds of him. Check the TL on the SC page.

Fatman Scoop & DJ Premier [HOT97 Mixmasters Weekend] - 24 November Tape


Funkmaster Flex Mister Cee & Cipha Sounds – HOT97 4 July 2007

On 4th July 2007, the legendary Funkmaster Flex went in hard on the ‘HOT97 all-mix weekend’.

With Mister Cee and Cipha Sounds on the assist, this is a classic set of great music and cuttin’, passionately and commandingly recalled tales of the decade, and shedloads of  exhaust fumes fuelled energy & charisma from Flex. Full Tracklisting on the Soundcloud.

Edited down from 5 Hours. No extra smilin’. Shout-out to Audio Shrapnel for the original edits and huge propers go out to Goongy.