Westwood – Capital Rap Show – 19 August 1994

As we’re in the run up to the Carnival here in London, we’ve transferred the first of our Notting Hill Carnival themed tapes…

This one’s a pre-carnival gem from August 1994. No freestyles/ interviews or any exclusives, just Timmy playing segments of Ron G – Its On #2 [In enviably good quality] along with a bunch of bangin good music !

Listening to the Capital Rap Show allowed a lot of listeners to catch segments of mixtapes that would’ve gone unheard if it hadn’t been for Westwood, and this one of the many tapes that took peoples hair-lines back an inch or 3; Ron G feat Raekwon/ KRS/ OC & Biggie on an intro was heavy on the rewind for months. The Method Man ‘improv’ is listeners doing impressions of Meth to win Wu-Tang tickets in a competition prize, not a freestyle with a posh name. And in the Source Magazine update, Jon [Jay the Sultan] Shecter comes off with some interesting points in the Source update regarding regional sales reports and how Biggie ‘was NYs best hope to blow up nationally’ in 1994.

Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 J-Card
Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 - A
Westwood – Capital Rap Show 19 August 1994 - B

Westwood Capital Rap Show – Ed O.G. &Da Bulldogs / Awesome 2 Studio Guests [10 June 1994]

Ed O.G. from Boston and the legendary Awesome2 from NY join Westwood in the studio, almost 20 years ago, today in 1994.

Westwood plays a few doozys, before chattin with Ed, Da Bulldogs, Teddy Tedd and Special K.

The Awesome2 discuss their history, Tim refers to Pop Da Brown Hornet as Pop Da Brown Homer and he joins Jay the Sultan [Jon Shecter/ Shecky Green] on the phone to confer on Lisa Left Eye Lopez’ firey attitude in a Source Magazine update.

One of South Londons finest, DJ Biznizz also ups the pitch and spins a few towards the end.

Side A

Westwood 10 June 1994 A

Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack
House of Pain – On Point [Da Beatminerz Remix]
Shyheim – Pass It Off [Underground Remix]
Dredknotz – Tha Anthem
Craig Mack – Real Raw
PD3/ Points Proven – Hardcore Freestyle
Public Enemy – Give It Up
LL – Year of Hip Hop
Ed OG & Bulldogs – I Gotta Have It
Ed OG & Bulldogs & Studio Guests
Ed OG & Bulldogs – Be a Father to Your Child
Special K & Teddy Ted [Awesome2] Studio Guests
DJ Fashion – All This Love Remix [El Debarge]

Side B

Westwood 10 June 1994 B

DJ Fashion – All This Love DUB [El Debarge]
Special K & Teddy Ted [Awesome2] Studio Guests
DJ Fashion – Don’t Walk Away [Jade] DUB
Cold Crush – You Know its Us DUB
Warren G – Do You See
Extra Prolific – Brown Sugar w Jay the Sultan
Source Update
Nice n Smooth – Ooh Child
Jeru – You Cant Stop the Prophet
Wu – Can It Be All So Simple Remix