Max LX & Dave VJ – KISS FM 4 August 1993


UK Rap & Hip-Hop radio was presented by a myriad of DJs that blessed the airwaves over the years; Mike Allen, Tim Westwood, Big Ted, Richie Rich, Dave Pearce, Dan Greenpeace & Kish, Stu Allen, Leaky Fresh, 279 & Shortee Blitz, and more.

This tape comes from ex-Hardrock Soul Movement members Max LX & Dave VJ from Summer 1993. They presented a show on KISS FM in London during the 90s, it was broadcast mid-week and plugged a gap for the fiends that tuned into random Rap radio shows each week to get their fix.

This show doesnt feature any guests and has no exclusives, but that’s how it was back then, you tuned in, soaked up the vibes and you heard what you heard. Sometimes, like this tape, it was just good music. Sometimes I listen back to these shows and hear outfits I’d forgotten about, like UK artists like Unanimous Decision and Krispy 3, and it’s a guarantee that listening back, you’ll be noddin ya head to jams you’d forgotten about too, I know I did. This show is mostly made us of US acts and is a snapshot of the time. Keep an ear out for the weekly Rap report with Billboard writer Havelock Nelson, as well as a nutty sounding Hijack ID at the very end, as well as silly ads with VO’s from Harry Enfield/ Ade Edmondsen and the suitably and typically disinterested John Peel. Big shouts to Mr Lawson for the tape !!

Krispy 3 – Back It Up
Tim Dog ID
London Posse ID
Akinyele – Bags Packed
Mic Break

Nat West
Sony Tape [Harry Enfield]
Tribe Night-Out Comp

DJ Pogo Mix:
Big Daddy Kane – How U Get A Record Deal [Blend]
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
Digable Planets – Where I’m From Inst / Cuts
MC Lyte – Ruffneck
BIG – Party & Bullshit [Rmx]
Diamond D – Best Kept Secret [45 King Rmx]
Jamalski ID
Mic Break
Kam – Still Got Love 4 Um
The New Test-Da-Ment – Balimbo

YOP [Ade Edmondsen/ John Peel]

Rap Report with Havelock Nelson [Billboard]
Buju Banton – Make My Day [Troopa’s Jeep Mix]
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Come & Get Me While I’m Hot
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ID
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Death Becomes You

Chocolate Chinas Club
YOP [Ade Edmondsen/ John Peel]
Speak Out Against Racism w/ Gabrielle
Perfect Pizza

Ice Cube ID
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ID
The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up
Unanimous Decision – It Ain’t Clever
Incognito – Still A Friend Of Mine
Dr. Dre – Puffin’ On Blunts…
Darkman – What’s Not Yours
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Two Brothers With Checks
Gig Guide [Onyx/ Grand Puba]
Hijack ID
Font La Roy & Darkman – Back To The Lab

Max & Dave – 2 September 1992 Kiss FM

As well as unnecessarily hiking the loudness levels way too high, hovering avoidably over the pause button, getting the names of songs completely wrong, and stopping the tape when Son of Noise entered the studio, this D90 from the archives is still an enjoyable tape, and precisely how UK Rap radio sounded in 1992. If you arent aware of DJs Max LX & Dave VJ, you may know them as the pioneering British Rap outfit the Hardrock Soul Movement.

Tune in to this bass-heavy recording [apologies] and recall the days of House of Pains Jump Around, before it was a guaranteed student-disco floor-filler, and when PE Greatest Misses album was on heavy rotation on pretty much all of the Rap radio shows, as well as getting coverage on Channel 4 s The Word.

This was also a time when consumers were invited to phone specific artists directly to arrange purchases of their product. London Rapper MC Blade had crowd-funding locked, long before crowd-funding.

Max & Dave - 2 September 1992 J-Card

Max & Dave - 2 September 1992 Side A

Max & Dave - 2 September 1992 Side B