Mr Magic & Mister Cee – Classic Showcase HOT97 – Late 1997

This is a Classic Showcase tape with Big Daddy Kanes’ DJ, and Mr Magic. You only need to look at the tracklist to know this is a quality show. It’s loose, it’s tight, there aint too many doubles, Cee is TIGHT on the mix, and with advertising like The Tunnel opener [Free champagne] an’ the Mic Geronimo LP ads voiced by Angie Martinez, as well as some shitty reception, it all adds to the late 90s authenticity LOL !

Seriously, how many Rap radio show DJs rocked Prince & MC Lyte backtoback?

The Tunnel Free Champagne Promo [Funk Flex & Big Kap]
adidas KB8
Mic Break

Special Ed – Taxin
Masta Ace ID
Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
Oran Juice Jones & Stu Large ID
Gwen Guthrie – Close to You
Prince – Sign of the Times
MC Lyte – 10% Dis
King Doe-V – Shamalama
[Shitty reception]
Troop – Spread My Wings [Clark Kent Super Mix with Tito]
Chuckii Booker – Turned Away
Fat Boys – In The House
The D.O.C. – The D.O.C. & The Doctor
[More shitty reception]
I-Level – Give Me
Mic Break

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta [Funk Flex & Angie Martinez]
Long Island University
Emergency Alert System Test
Old School Flava ID

Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Run DMC – Sucker MCs
Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full
Dennis Edwards – Dont Look Any Further
Big Daddy Kane – Mortal Kombat
Anita Ward – Ring my Bell
Slow Jam ID
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
Delfonics – Delfonics Theme
Mic Break with Mister Cee & Mr Magic
Magic is Here ID

David Letterman ID
Funk Flex – Funk Flavor Mix Promo
Old School Flava ID
991 Volts – Champion of Love
Beatnuts ID
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
Steve Arrington – Way Out
Foster & McElroy Feat. MC Lyte – Dr Soul Remix
SuperBlast ID
Big Daddy Kane – Set it Off
Chuck D ID
Kool G Rap – Poison
Cameo – Candy
First Circle – Workin Up A Sweat
The Firm ID
Cool C – Glamorous Life
Doug E Fresh – DEF Remix
Magic is Here ID
Mic Break
End of Show

Dr Dre & Ed Lover ID
adidas KB8
Kodak Goldmax
Little Mermaid 6 Second review
Something For The People LP
Puff Daddy World Tour w/ Kid Capri
Street Soldiers Show w Lisa Evers

The Skinny Boys – Jockbox Rap Attack World Premiere Feb 1986

Listening back to these Rap Attack World Premiere power-plays is precisely what RRR is all about. The excitement of hearing ‘World Premiere’ or ‘Exclusive’ stings and drops has stained our brains to the point that a chosen few of us remember the placement of those drops to this day when we hear the original tracks. That’s some pretty powerful shit that the FCC couldn’t regulate. Just tuning in and hearing them in the knowledge that whatever was played was brand new, was exciting enough. Thousands of people tuned into these weekly shows religiously, and globally, whether it was a DJ Red Alert show on WBLS in NY, a Westwood show from London or a Rap Attack with Super-Producer Marley Marl alongside the first Rap radio presenter, Mr Magic.

This example is a double-header, it’s crazy short, and raw like sushi but it’s so so dope. Marleys’ near-perfect mixing was great, so inventive, and in terms of creating a soundtrack for so many of us, an absolute blessing to be able to share again. The opener is from a group called The Skinny Boys, in particular, the track Jockbox. Members included the memorably named Shockin’ Shawn, Superman Jay and The Human Jock Box ! The tape is dated 1985, but also has some other bits on there too. As far as we can tell, the World Premiere dates back to February 1986.It was taken from an alblum called Weightless [Partly produced by another superstar of Rap radio, DJ Chuck Chillout] and even though the groups name was a straight response to The Fat Boys [arguably the most popular and ahem, biggest beatbox crew from the period], Weightless was big time within the Hip-Hop community, and considered far from novelty.

If pre-1990 beatbox singles on independant labels outta Bridgeport, Connecticut are not your specialised subject, don’t sweat it. Alotta people will recognise the track from the Comedy Central hit show Workaholics. To series creator Blake Anderson we say thank you, and also, if you didn’t pick this, and assuming that your Music Supervisors [Who dont look like their in their 40s either] didnt choose it, how come such a powerful chunk of the tune ended up in the credits ?
As well as the World Premiere, Marley takes it upon himself to tease the listeners with a back & forth ‘Mastermix’ of the seminal MC Shan track The Bridge, and The Honey Drippers Impeach the President, just doublin up for the hell of it. As casual as it was, hearing these specials in 2015 allows us to vibe off these dusty classic sounds all over again.

HUMUNGANOID propers go out to both the 2015, and the 14 year old Eric Johnson for having the prescience to record the show, and for hooking us up with the tape.

Paradise the Architect Flyer Collection

This post is dedicated to the memory of Lumumba [Professor X] Carson and Rafael Avery aka Shirt King Kasheme.

Yes, you’ll recognise the names of pioneering DJs Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Mr Magic and jams promoted by Kiss FM on these flyers, but this throwback into time is fundamentally a celebration of earlier times. A trip down memory lane for all those who never profiled nor posed, for the people that simply found themselves embedded in one of the most exciting times in music history. These two clips feature one of the most well known and important curators of Hip Hop, Paradise the Architect. Paradise Gray as a Producer, was behind the boards on one of the earliest Rap groups that created a movement and a community, alerting a wide-eyed global audience to social-political issues during the period known as the golden era of Hip Hop. The group was the X-Clan. Paradise was also the promoter, Manager and ‘Your Host’ of arguably the most famous Hip Hop Club in history, the Latin Quarter in Manhattan. Like some of us that had the prescience to preserve their personal artifacts and what have become the building blocks of Hip Hop, Paradise kept all the flyers that did the rounds back in the late 70s and 80s, and not only the ones that he featured on with his crew the Brothers 3.

Paradise has shared 2 short clips, offering a brief synopsis of the faces that featured on some of the oldest flyers remaining today. There are photos and flyers for partys and shows for pioneers like the Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Herc, Melle Mel, Jazzy Jay, Clark Kent, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC and so many other great innovators. Public Enemys FIRST gig as a Def Jam recording artist is featured. You’ll see flyers for venues like the Ecstasy Garage, the Audubon Ballroom & Harlem World [NOT just a Mase song you sissy]. There’s also documentation of iconic figures from Hollywood such as Chris Rock, and even Tracy Morgans Father Jimmy Morgan from RnB group TUFF.

Shirt Kings & Paradise Gray

If you want to hear some wild recollections about the LQ like when a stick-up kid tried to snatch Jam-Master Jays fat gold chain, and how security guard Robocop pulled out a sword in attempt to quell a 2 hour ruckus, you should tune in to this interview with Paradise.

Huge respect goes to Paradise and to [Disco] Dave Hamilton from The Source Magazine.

You can also catch the Mighty Shirt Kings on this DJ Red Alert show from Summer 89

Mr. Magic Disco Showcase WHBI – 10 October 1981

Get the full scratch over at Will Cs spot, but this is just a gem, and were adding to the archives because anyone that has ever listened to Rap radio should experience this recording.

Magic is amped after being on a movie set [Filming of one of the Wildstyle Amphitheatre performances] a nice little interview with MC Rock Lovely, and some really great music. There’s also a WHBI Promo by someone by the name of Jerry D [or somethin similar].

Huge shouts to Will C for sharing this gem.