Frankie Crocker Sept 1983 WBLS

RRR are ‘back like chiroprac-tics’, and we’ve decided to kick off with our first post-Summer share, with a recording of the late great Frankie Crocker. A 34 year old recording of the Frankie Crocker breakfast show on WBLS!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 TDK D90 wmark

As we join forces with the good people at the Hip Hop Radio Archive we are adding a new listening platform in an attempt to ‘Build up historical NYC recordings’ that we hope will remain on the web for alot longer than cowboy companies like Soundcloud etc promise [Were semi-shook that Mixcloud will go the same way, removing years of content sans explanation, in one fell swoosh]. We’ve always wanted our listeners to be able to DL our remastered shows and scans onto their own devices too, and via the Internet Archive, you can.

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 RRR BANNER WIDE

Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lovebug Starski – You Gotta Believe
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
Fever  – Beat Of The Night
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Helpful Attitude
La Yoghurt
Ask your Pharmacist
Eastside gynaecology
Crazy Eddies [Atari/ Texas Instruments]
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Jamaica Dance Theatre/ Studio 54 Competition Madonna West St Mob Kurtis Blow & the ‘Breakers”
Lustrasilk Right On Curl Activator
Ask your Pharmacist
Mighty Diamonds & Monyaka Show
Ron Carlow Cosmetics
WBLS Walk a Mile Fundraiser
Frankie ‘My Idol’ ID
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lionel Richie – All Night Long
Mic Break w/ Frankie [‘Lionel, havin a good time’]
Stephanie Mills – Pilot Error
WBLS – The Godfather Part 3 Prank bit
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Latoya Jackson – Bet ya Gonna Need my Lovin
Mic Break w/ Frankie – Budweiser Super-Fest
Ads & News:
Archers skin-tone cream
Lighten Up
Budweiser Super-Fest @ MSG [Rick James/ Mary Jane Girls/ Mtume/ O-Jays]
Kentucky Fried Children
News Update
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Lew Kirton – Talk To Me
Anita Baker – Squeeze Me

Mic Break w/ Frankie [Coming up, live mixing from Sergio Munzabai & Timmy Regisford]
Starpoint – It’s So Delicious
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
I Listen to WBLS Promo
Madonna – Holiday
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Miss Cool Hair Products
Mic Break w/ Frankie
Western Airlines
Talking Heads – Tower Records 4th & Broadway Instore ad
Pan American Airlines
Approved by the NY State Education Dept
Mic Break w/ Frankie – [Mets vs Cardinals result]
One Way – Shine On Me

Just like Grace Jones’ The Apple Stretching, this is a beautiful snapshot of early morning early 80s New York, this time, from 1983. This may be randomrapradio and there may only be one Rap tune on this tape, but the recording is about much more than just one track, it’s an illustration to younger generations, of how things used to be, a lesson in radio history, as well as bein’ a throwback to simpler times for the older listeners. In 2017, so many people are all about retro this and vintage that, so, as well as the fashions, why not enjoy the sounds from those good old days too ?

Frankie is an icon of New York music industry, and this is him at his charismatic best, on the station known as the ‘World’s Best Looking Sound’, WBLS [or WBL Kickin S, if you go back that far]. The tape opens with an ad for a Tower Records album signing; the LP, Speaking In Tongues, the band; Talking Heads [We dig these sentimental shards of sound just as much as the music here at RRR]. RECORDING MEMO RRR BANNER WIDE

As well as classic music from Rufus n Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Madonna and the Mary Jane Girls, Frankie announces a ‘new artist’, Anita Baker. There are ads for the Budweiser Super-Fest @ Madison Square Garden, with Rick James & the Mary Jane Girls. Frankie announces a competition for the ‘Studio 54 Dance the Last Day of Summer Party’ featuring Madonna, the West St Mob, Kurtis Blow and intriguingly, ‘the breakers’. Frankie plays All Night Long and does a bit about Lionel Richie getting stoned. He talks about Lionels’ ‘Bob Marley bag’ and the fact that there is ‘alotta smoke in the room’. Again, a bizarro but beautiful document of the time.

Some of the most enjoyable elements of this tape are the mic-breaks; containing the ‘cosmic forecast’ [star-signs] and random bits like the flowers and colors for the day [rose and mahogany]. All very odd, but strangely and retrospectively beautiful in a quirky vintage broadcasting sense. Channeling the Chief Rockers’ community spirit, Frankie explains that it’s a ‘good day to show the more humanitarian side to your nature’. In a motivational moment, he advises the listeners to start their day with a ‘helpful attitude’. ‘Dont be afraid to walk up to someone and say, can I help? I’ll help you carry those packages. You might get smacked in the mouth but ya gotta try’ !!

Frankie Crocker 107.5 WBLS 10th & 15th Sept 1983 J-Card

This tape was, as you can see from the recording memorandum [who knew they would be so handy 30 years later ?!!!] was recorded and generously donated by an ex-colleague [the coolest IT support specialist on the planet and all round good soul, Keren A]. As she holidayed with her family in Cambria Heights in Queens NY, she pressed record on 2 nights, this is a composite of both shows. HUGE propers to Keren, much love as always !

DJ Premier – WBLS Thunder Storm Volumes 1 – 6

If you want to immerse yourself in the fashionable sound of raw 90s Rap, you need look no further than this 6 set playlist from 1994 and 1995. These rare radio recordings have been bandied about in various qualities over the years , but we thought we’d make it easy access like Eazy-E’s pants. He was on every Friday night between 1992 & 1994. He tore it up between 8 – 10 PM on THE station of choice in NY, the World’s Best Looking Sound, 107.5 WBLS.

Primo is a don, a ‘king of style’ if you will. His work with Gang Starr, his production credits, his unapologetic and wide ranging taste in music, and his legendary status within the universal Hip-Hop community as a humble cat, can’t be contested. But as a mix show DJ, this man is a ‘monster on the set’, and listening back to these shows, it’s evident that even with quite a few years of the business under his belt, he was still hungry like bears goin’ bonkers in Yonkers.

Listening back to a show which pre-dates Sirius XMs ‘Live From HeadQCourterz’ by approx a decade, the first thing that you’ll notice is Mr Martin taking the Terminator X approach [he was known to Speak with his Hands]. I don’t think he utters a word, but that ain’t important. He had Geronimo and assorted posse in effect in the other booth to undertake the presentation, which allowed him to concentrate on rippin shit.

They were broadcast in the mid-90s, and in 2009 they had a very limited Japanese release on CD. These recordings are from those CDs. He drops ‘Future Classics’, from all coasts, and as you know, his scratch is insanely and hypnotically tight at times, he even drops the airplane effect. What, you want more? He drops tracks that didn’t sell out in their first week, but still had ya head noddin back then. He drops a demo by an unsigned artist called Rambo [Produced by Clark Kent protege and old school alumni Ski, FKA MC Will-Ski from the Bizzie Boyz]. And, as you would, he murders some doubles of his own productions to make this a classic set. The Gang Starr Foundation make a couple of appearances, including a brief interview with Bahamadia and some time with Jeru. Apart from the fact that there are a few repeat listens of a handful of tunes over the 6 volumes, there is very little else to say about this playlist. All you need to do is listen, and maybe reach for a neckbrace.

Biggest propers to Biggest Gord and the PhilaFlava Unit.

Paradise the Architect Flyer Collection

This post is dedicated to the memory of Lumumba [Professor X] Carson and Rafael Avery aka Shirt King Kasheme.

Yes, you’ll recognise the names of pioneering DJs Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Mr Magic and jams promoted by Kiss FM on these flyers, but this throwback into time is fundamentally a celebration of earlier times. A trip down memory lane for all those who never profiled nor posed, for the people that simply found themselves embedded in one of the most exciting times in music history. These two clips feature one of the most well known and important curators of Hip Hop, Paradise the Architect. Paradise Gray as a Producer, was behind the boards on one of the earliest Rap groups that created a movement and a community, alerting a wide-eyed global audience to social-political issues during the period known as the golden era of Hip Hop. The group was the X-Clan. Paradise was also the promoter, Manager and ‘Your Host’ of arguably the most famous Hip Hop Club in history, the Latin Quarter in Manhattan. Like some of us that had the prescience to preserve their personal artifacts and what have become the building blocks of Hip Hop, Paradise kept all the flyers that did the rounds back in the late 70s and 80s, and not only the ones that he featured on with his crew the Brothers 3.

Paradise has shared 2 short clips, offering a brief synopsis of the faces that featured on some of the oldest flyers remaining today. There are photos and flyers for partys and shows for pioneers like the Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Herc, Melle Mel, Jazzy Jay, Clark Kent, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC and so many other great innovators. Public Enemys FIRST gig as a Def Jam recording artist is featured. You’ll see flyers for venues like the Ecstasy Garage, the Audubon Ballroom & Harlem World [NOT just a Mase song you sissy]. There’s also documentation of iconic figures from Hollywood such as Chris Rock, and even Tracy Morgans Father Jimmy Morgan from RnB group TUFF.

Shirt Kings & Paradise Gray

If you want to hear some wild recollections about the LQ like when a stick-up kid tried to snatch Jam-Master Jays fat gold chain, and how security guard Robocop pulled out a sword in attempt to quell a 2 hour ruckus, you should tune in to this interview with Paradise.

Huge respect goes to Paradise and to [Disco] Dave Hamilton from The Source Magazine.

You can also catch the Mighty Shirt Kings on this DJ Red Alert show from Summer 89

Billy Dee Williams – Colt 45 ads

Colt 45, the official Malt Liquor of intercourse, heavily advertised in the black community during the 80s, and of course, they had to balance the lascivious tone of the ads with a lascivious look for the brand. That look belonged to Mr Horizontal, Billy Dee ‘Being sexy is an all day job’ Williams.

This 1st ad features Wimbledons own Slick Rick.

Until I was a bit older, I had no clue that Billy Dee Williams was the dude that played that guy in that film. It was 7 or 8 years after I watched Empire Strikes Back in the cinema that I heard those same deep silky tones slotted in-between tracks by Kings of Pressure and MC Mitchski, on a DJ Red Alert show taped off WBLS [I’d been hearing him on these oh-so schmoove voice-overs in ads on tapes I’d been trading via magazine articles in British music publications – I had pen-pals, what].

William December Williams has sustained the smoove-ness [Yes, the D. stands for December], voicing eps of Robot Chicken, the Cleveland Show and it seems that the marketing team at the G. Heileman Brewing Company were onto something, as the legend of Billy Dee and his smooth ways are still evident today. He’s been honoured on remixes and record sleeves by P.U.T.S., he’s had kids instagram their Colt45 themed ink and there are rumours that Billy will make a cameo in the Disney Star Wars movie in 2015.

Williams played the role perfectly in those old ads alongside a number of guests spots, both on radio and on TV.

Interviewer: Where did you get the concept to make the record Catch the Beat?
T-Ski Valley: Colt 45 Beer!

Do say: The Dynamite Taste/ Works Every Time…
Dont say: You heard the new Afroman album ?