DJ Stretch Armstrong Show Feat Bobbito & Lord Sear – 30 November 1995 [Studio Guests Pete Rock and more]

This one was originally shared from a crappy sounding cassette that we copped in the days of wayback, way back in the days. It was another 27th generation copy from the Underground Flavas crew out of West London. This time, RRR have blatantly boosted the full 4 hour show from the DJ Eclipse rip which had been shared on the web a few years back [and subsequently been deaded in terms of linkage], we’ve bumped the EQ, compressed it a touch and tweaked it for your listening pleasure.

As well as the great music and tight mixing, this vintage classic includes a special remix from Stretch, unreleased gems from the Chocolate Boy Wonder and the studio guests include Pete Rock, 2/3 of The Fugees, Myschief and more. Get those matchsticks in the eye sockets cos you have to stay up for the PNB sample sale info and Kool G Rap on the erm, request line. This show is a great example of why Stretch is held is such high esteem by his peers within the industry as well as the listeners, he may have been a DJ and a host, but the actual mixing, blends and turntable based doo-dads are tight like duck-butts throughout this show. No gobble.

Tr’mungous sized shouts to DJ Eclipse, DJ MK, Derrick from Underground Flavas, Krisch, Aleph, Nes, Big Sleep, Serch, Ev Boogie, Stretch, Bobb & Sear.

Full tracklisting on the Soundcloud.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - November 30 1995 Tape Cover

Westwood – First Radio1 Rap Show in Primetime – 7 June 2002

Westwood moves to BBC Radio One prime time, this day 11 years ago.

Cue studio guests Wyclef Marley Marl Puffy & Eminem passing through giving Tim justification to drop excessive bombs.

Puffy is loose. Eminem is vocal about Canibus and XXL.

Music from The Lox, Mannie Fresh, Crooklyn Clan, Cam’ron…

80 Mins of the first show ripped from MD and remastered in 320. No freestyles..